December 7, 2016

Lana On Enzo Amore Segment Being A Teachable Moment

Lana commented on her Instagram account about the angle with Enzo Amore from RAW. Lana urged boys to respect girls and asked women to respect themselves. You can read what she wrote below.
What a Victory we had last night !!!! #BAB #BeautyandBrute our brilliant plans always work ! But most importantly I hope that children learn.... For boys to respect girls.... To not tell dirty jokes about women or you will be simply CRUSHED by great men like @RusevIG 😘🙌🏽❤️ But also it's so important for all females, young and old to respect yourself and stand up when called names or when dirty jokes are thrown your way... Because it's not funny and it's not cool to be slut shamed or to be the joke so a man can get over with his boys. Sometimes standing up for yourself & others will make you less popular but it's more important to stand up for truth, justice and do the right thing than trying to be popular, cool & funny like Enzo. ~ #RavishingRussian 👠 #Raw

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