June 24, 2016

Sasha Banks On Her WWE Future, Where The WWE Women's Division Is Now, Her 'Boss' Character

Sasha Banks spoke with The Orlando Sentinel to promote Sunday's WWE live event in Orlando, FL. Below are highlights:

The WWE women's division now:

"Before I came to WWE, I was watching guys like John Cena and The Rock and said, 'I want to be able to bring people to their feet cheering like that.' The women's match has been the bathroom break on shows for too long. Since the match I had with Bayley, people have been buying tickets to see us. That's amazing."

Her character:

"When I was first starting out, I was looking at people like [Snoop], Kanye [West] and Nicki Minaj, then somehow the idea 'I'm the boss' clicked with me. So now I'm 'The Boss.'"

Her future:

"It's insane to think about where I've come from in just a little over three years. Imagine what the next three years could bring! It gets me really emotional to feel like I'm a part of history."

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