June 15, 2016

Stephanie McMahon Talks About Her Goals For WWE As A Brand

Stephanie McMahon took part in a Facebook Live Q&A this afternoon, talking about writing her new book, some memorable moments, and more. You can read some selected highlights, and watch the complete video below:

- Stephanie says she wanted to write a book to reach a new audience, and show why WWE is such a special brand. She says the book will include her memories of growing up in the wrestling business, as well as her relationship with Triple H.

- Stephanie said her favorite promo was her ‘Legacy of Excellence Award’ promo she cut on her brother Shane, and notes her feuds with Trish Stratus, Brie Bella and Lita as being some of her favorites. She says she’s happy to get back in the ring if it gets someone over, but the decision is not up to her.

- Having the privilege to get in the ring without being a wrestler is an honor to her. She says the decision to get back in the ring isn’t up to her, it’s up to the ‘decision maker.’

- She says she’s honored to compete in WWE eventhough she’s not a full-time wrestler, and returning is not up to her, but as long as it helps get somebody over she’s happy to do it, since that’s the goal of her character. She says she wanted to be involved in the WWE her entire life and just wants to help the brand grow.

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