June 26, 2016

WWE Hires New Female Announcer Charly Arnolt

WWE has hired a new announcer in sports journalist and YouTuber Charly Arnolt, who has relocated to Orlando and will begin with the company this week. Per her Facebook page:

“As of a couple days ago, I am now living in Orlando because I have accepted a hosting job with the WWE! This is a huge step in my career and I am beyond excited to get started this coming Monday.

I hope all of you will continue to keep up with me as I enter the world of sports entertainment—and I’ll still have plenty to say once the NFL season starts! As for BackTalk Ball, it’s on hiatus for now because I’m going to be incredibly busy—BUT I’ll be doing lots of personality-driven stuff for the WWE, so I’ll keep the sarcasm coming!”

You can check out a bit of her work in the video player below:

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