July 26, 2016

Bayley Talks Her Character, Sasha Banks, Dusty Rhodes, Current Women's Division

Bayley was recently on Talk Is Jericho and discussed a number of interesting subjects. Below are Highlights:

On Her Character And Its Origins:

"I think it just came naturally as I started wrestling and as soon as I started this Bayley character, people just latched onto it right away and it just got me. It was so cool. As soon as I heard a reaction from my first match, it was against Alicia Fox, I was like, oh man, they know exactly, they could feel me and it was so cool, it was such a cool feeling because even though I've wrestled before on the independence and stuff I never really had that connection, I just felt like a wrestler having fun with myself…that sounded weird. Having fun because I loved wrestling, but now I was here involving everybody and it's a really cool connection with all age groups."

"I really didn't care which way it went because they would ask me if I can be a heel doing this, or if I can be a babyface doing this. They wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing and it wasn't just one dimensional, so I kind of felt creepy doing it at the same time so I knew it can come off as Mickie James if I needed to come off as this psycho hiding behind walls and creeping on all my favorite wrestlers, but I think, some people may have taken it that way the first time I was hugging Alicia Fox and running into her corners and people were like, eww, that's strange and some people took to it and now more people are taken to it."

On Working With Dusty Rhodes:

"He was the best. As for everybody in the PC, he believed in everybody no matter what and he always found the good in everybody, or he always knew what would work with you so, I feel like the first time he saw me he knew what I needed work on which was just presentation and promo skills in general so he would set aside classes for a certain group of people and would focus on what exactly it was we needed. He always told us to believe in our words so he would just have us tell stories because if you tell real stories it's obviously like genuine and I don't know, he would push everybody and I remember Paige sitting up there in promo class and she would say something and he would make her do it over. I thought it was good, but he always had an eye and was like, no do it again, and do it like this, do it slower, speak softly and these words and scream at these words and would make it a million times better, and I don't know, he was just always the best and it sucks not having him around, but i am so happy that he was there in the beginning of my career, he is always with me, always makes me believe in myself."

On The Four Horsewomen And Triple H:

"It's cool..he's the man. I always like, Sasha, Charlotte and Becky…we kind of all said that it was so crazy that we all came at the same time and grew together because if I came a year later or a year earlier, it just wouldn't have meant as much or I don't know, he was always so cool. He cares about everybody and he knows everyone's characters more than anyone else; no matter how long the match is or what the program is, or if you are on the bottom of the card or top of the card he cared about it because it's his baby and he wanted to make sure it's the best ever so I really notice him really caring about it when we came with the Women's title and Paige won it the first time, I thought how he wants to make this thing special so it just kind of motivates you and you see with interviews he does and some of the panel stuff that they did for Brooklyn, he just has a soft spot for us. We call him Papa Hunter."

On Her Rivalry With Sasha Banks:

"Just a little over three years. Sasha and I started around the same time. She was here a little bit before me; but since I came in, I remember we had to have a practice match, they used to do something where people would come in from wrestling and put them in a match on the fly and go, and only the coaches were watching so they just wanted to see what you were capable of, and they put Sasha in the ring with me so they were like, ok you guys have a five minute match…go! And I was like, oh no, so we just had a match, but it just clicked, we just felt so comfortable around each other and since then we were kind of like, paired off, and we always would joke about how on NXT TV's they would just throw us out there, like, ok, Sasha vs. Bayley and we literally did it every single taping and we kind of came to the point where we would go, ok lemme guess…Sasha? And then, their response would always be, yeah, you do! And then it just finally built up and when we met at Brooklyn, there was so many people and so much pressure and I knew what the match meant, but I felt comfortable because I was with her and we both wanted the same out of it, we kept saying how we wanted this to be the best Women's match ever because that's always everyone's goal.

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