July 19, 2016

Charlotte On If Ric Flair Will Be At Tonight's WWE Draft, If She Cares Where She Is Drafted To

Charlotte spoke with The Wrap about tonight's WWE Draft. Below are some highlights:

If she wants to be drafted to Raw or SmackDown:

"I really don't have a preference because I truly believe both brands will have to elevate their game to be the top show. If I'm on 'Smackdown' I want to be better than 'Raw.' If I'm on 'Raw' I want to be better than 'Smackdown.' And there's going to be six people from NXT, and people we maybe haven't seen in a while are going to have more opportunities, so it's going to exciting all around."

If Ric Flair will appear at the draft:

"He's in timeout right now so he better not come out of timeout," she said with a laugh.

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