July 20, 2016

Eden Writing a Horror Novel

Former WWE star Eden (Brandi Rhodes) announced this week that she's writing a horror novel. You can read a brief excerpt on her official website at this link. She wrote the following on the new career direction:

I've been unable to share a lot of what I've been doing post WWE for a great many reasons. Some of which I still can't share, I'm sorry, but trust me…THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT! However, I'm now able to share a little something that I am actively working on and close to completing!

As many of you know, I eat, sleep and breathe the horror genre. I watch everything, I read everything, I go on haunted tours…I'm an October JUNKIE with haunted houses and HHN as a constant horror IV to my bloodstream. A dream of mine has always been to contribute to the horror genre in some form…hopefully in more than one form…anyway, I am.

I'm writing a horror novel! It's pretty rad. There's blood, there's suspense, there may be death. You'll have to read and see. Since I cannot give you a finished product…yet…I decided to share a snipet. Hopefully it gets you as excited as it gets me! And if you're excited about this of course I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! So comment away!

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