July 22, 2016

Stephanie McMahon Talks Why She Loves Playing Heel, Being a Part of the WWE Creative Process, More

Stephanie McMahon did another Q&A with the official WWE Facebook page talking about the process behind her upcoming book. She noted that she does have a ghost writer for the autobiography, his name is Pablo, and he created a structure that Steph is currently going through and re-writing, filing in details and telling her story in her own words.

You can check out the interview in its entirety above, which we recommend because it shows a very out-of-character Stephanie that’s very passionate about her family, her kids, and the work she does with WWE behind the scenes and as a character, which she loves doing. Here are the key details:
  • She will be talking about her home life and her experience as a mother and relationship with her daughters, which is something that doesn’t come out with Stephanie McMahon the character very much. 
  • There will be a book tour and signings that likely correspond with WWE live tour dates. 
  • There will be some details and stories that “shock” the WWE Universe. 
  • Her inspiration for writing this book is that she is turning 40 soon. 
  • Steph says that Vince is very excited for the book and has read the first half so far. 
  • The book has a tentative release date of October 4th. 
  • Triple H does NOT cook dinner at home, unless it can be grilled. 
  • Steph says her kids understand that she plays a character on TV but they don’t understand why she would choose being a villain. She says it’s the most fun, and loves being a heel because the better she is, the better she can make the babyface look. 
  • Her most embarrassing moment was having the wardrobe malfunction where Triple H gave her a Pedigree and her breasts popped out of her top, and then having Howard Stern bring it up on his show.

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