July 28, 2016

The Very Latest on Charlotte Dropping The Women’s Title on RAW

As noted, it was said on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that a possible reason Charlotte lost the WWE Women’s Championship was due to taking time off. This statement was discussed by both hosts on the show, saying sources told them it could be a possible reason, but the story remained unconfirmed.

In a new update, F4WOnline.com is reporting the story of Charlotte taking time off is false, as her schedule in the next six weeks is described as ‘brutal’. It was also mentioned that original plans had the title change scheduled to take place at WWE Summerslam all along, and a rematch is now on the books for the big summer pay-per-view on August 21st.

The title change ended up being booked on RAW, the first one after the ‘brand split’ because WWE felt the show needed a title change and a big moment.

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