July 30, 2016

TNA Star Rosemary Talks Year One of The Decay, Cherry Bomb’s Effect on Her Career, More

TNA star Rosemary recently did an interview with Channel Guide Magazine, discussing everything from her work with The Decade and the faction’s first year on Impact Wrestling, to working with Bram, her thoughts on Broken Matt Hardy and his current gimmick, and more.

The 32-year-old Rosemary, who wrestled for years as Courtney Rush on the independent scene, also detailed the effect that fellow Canadian Cherry Bomb (working as Allie in TNA) has had on her trajectory of her character. Despite the fact that the two have yet to work together on Impact, she is hopeful their career-long rivalry will get the chance to culminate in TNA at some point.
“It was with her that I started doing the demonic character in Smash Wrestling in Canada. It was her who instigated it after feuding with her for six years on the independent scene, she finally took things to another level by having me held down to cut my hair off, humiliated me in front of the crowd. That is what pushed Courtney Rush over the edge. She couldn’t take her bullying anymore and all the mental abuse. An example is she got me fired from a promotion before and things like that. I just couldn’t take it anymore, which is where the origins of the character and the start of my turn to the dark side began.”
Rosemary also paid some huge compliments to Broken Matt Hardy during the interview, calling his character an inspiration to her work.
“He is on fire. He is my favorite thing on television right now. I find inspiration from him. I loved the ‘Final Deletion.’ What is so great about that whole thing and any over-the-top character is to make it work, you have to stay at it. You have to train the audience to show that this is the character. They aren’t going to get it right away. So the only way to make something like that work is to go balls out.
“You can’t hold yourself back. If you hold yourself back, it doesn’t come across well. You literally have to throw everything out there. If you don’t believe it, they won’t believe it. For me personally, I go out there and as soon as I go out on that stage, I fully believe I hear voices in my head. I’m a schizophrenic sociopath who does not care about people’s life or death, right or wrong. I want to hurt people. I believe that, and I think everyone else believes that too. If there is any self-doubt, it’s so visual on television.”

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