July 29, 2016

Trish Stratus Talks Smackdown Going Live, Brand Split and More

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus recently spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine and below are some interview highlights.

Total Wrestling: Trish, we’ve got to ask you straight off the bat about WWE’s recent announcement of Smackdown going live, what are your thoughts?

Trish Stratus: There’s nothing like a live show, that’s why Raw was always known as the A show and Smackdown was known as the B show when I was there. With a live show there’s a feeling that anything can happen and of course the internet has changed everything with the way we watch TV now. When the show is taped and you can read about it, it’s missing that spontaneity and element of surprise when you watch. It’s a really good move and it’s exciting. When I was around you were always glad you were on Raw excited to be on a live telecast, but also, it was a great challenge and a good learning tool to have the pressure to have to perform live with no editing to help your performance – or audience reaction, you had to earn it.

As well as Smackdown going live there’s also the upcoming brand split which has been announced. You were apart of these back in the day what are your thoughts on them?

I think the brand split is a great move. There is so much talent right now, it’s a good way to divide them up and be able to give each character more time to develop with the focus they need. You can only highlight so many characters on one show and with so many NXT talent coming in, which is somewhat of a parallel to back in my day when we had the WCW talent come in, this gives the audience two separate platforms for storylines to unfold. Having new talent come in is obviously a plus, new faces is always good to keep the product fresh. It’s especially good, the fact that the audience is familiar with the current crop coming in, as opposed to a brand new persona they need to develop.

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