August 6, 2016

Andrea D'Marco On Making Her WWE Main Roster Debut, Her Long-Term Goals, Other Work She's Done

Byron Saxton recently interviewed WWE NXT announcer Andrea D'Marco for the official WWE website. Andrea noted that she started paying attention to pro wrestling while babysitting back in high school. The full interview is at this link and highlights are below:

Also being a certified Zumba instructor:
Yes. After making the decision to retire as a Miami Dolphins cheerleader, I auditioned for a unique opportunity with Zumba. They were looking for a spokesperson that danced professionally, had a hosting background, and was also bilingual to lead their dance fitness campaign with Kellogg's. Fortunately for me, I met all of those requirements and after a long audition process, I was hired to be the national spokesperson for Zumba and Kellogg's. I toured the country promoting a Zumba dance fitness video that I hosted, while educating people about fitness and eating right.

Recently making her main roster debut as a backstage interviewer:
It's been a whirlwind. Talk about unpredictability and moving fast! I wasn't really expecting it to happen so quickly, but I'm so thankful for the chance to be a part of something so special. Everyone plays a crucial role to make the WWE what it is and to be a part of this in any capacity makes me so thankful to all that have helped me and continue to help me become the best broadcaster I can be. I look forward to growing with WWE and learning all I can with this unique and amazing opportunity.

Her long-term goals:
I hope to continue to grow as a ring announcer and host with WWE and learn from the people that surround me. I have a passion for public speaking and look forward to continue speaking at college tours about women breaking into the world of sports media. I most recently co-authored a book with women influencers about leadership and overcoming obstacles, which will be launching soon. My overall goal is to empower women to live a fulfilling life by building a following that supports one another to achieve their dreams.

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