August 28, 2016

Carmella Talks Her WWE Main Roster Call Up, Not Being a “Hype Girl” Anymore, More

WWE Smackdown Live star Carmella recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine and below are some interview highlights:
On being called up to the WWE main roster:
“I was so overwhelmed,” Carmella said, looking back. “I was the very last pick. Of course, I wanted it to happen. I was hoping it would happen. But by that point I was thinking, ‘This is not going to happen for me.’ So when it did, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it.”
On her main roster goals:
“I totally look at it as a great opportunity for me because I spent years on the sidelines of the NFL and NBA,” Carmella said. “With the boys, I was essentially a hype girl and there was nothing wrong with that. I had so much fun with them in NXT. Now that I’m here on SmackDown Live myself and knowing I have this opportunity to shine. I’m not just a hype girl. I’ve been doing this and working hard for the last two-and-a-half years. I’ve been the ring doing a lot of work. So I’m excited to show the world what I can bring to the table.”
On the locker room reaction to her main roster call up:
“All of the girls have been so helpful,” Carmella said. “Becky [Lynch], I spent some time with her in NXT. So she has been very helpful with any questions I have. I’m like constantly texting her with, ‘Please help me with this.’ Sasha [Banks] has been really helpful as well with me. The girls are just great.”

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