August 19, 2016

Charlotte Talks Her Post-Divorce Tattoo, Tattoo Dedicated To Her Brother Reid

Former WWE Women's Champion Charlotte was recently featured on Superstar Ink with Corey Graves, as seen in the video at the bottom. During the interview she talked about getting her first tattoo, which she described as "two ugly outlined hearts" that she got with her best friend growing up.

She revealed that her second tattoo on her side happened in college when both her sister and herself were going through divorces. They both got tattoos with a passage from the Bible that read, "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life."

She talked about the tattoo on her other side on a cross that says "Reider," which is dedicated to her late brother Reid, who passed away in 2013. She said that Reid always wanted a tattoo, but Ric wouldn't allow it. When Reid was a freshman in college he got that tattoo on his back with it reading "Flair". It was meant to be the cross from the Guns 'N Roses Appetite For Destruction album, but he later found out that he got a generic cross. Graves showed that he had that same tattoo on his right leg, noting that it was his first tattoo.

After Reid passed, her little brother's girlfriend, her brother David and his wife, and her sister and her husband, and herself all went and got that tattoo. She said that Reid is probably laughing in heaven because they all used to make fun of it. She also has a tattoo that reads "A Little Patience" on her right arm from the Guns 'N Roses song, Patience. She noted that Reid's favorite band was Guns 'N Roses, and they used to sing that song all the time.

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