August 19, 2016

More on Eva Marie's Wellness Policy Violation, Paige - Total Divas Note

- There has been a lot of Total Divas filming in New York City this week while Superstars are in town for SummerSlam. Before she was suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, Paige continued to regularly film for Total Divas as she was recovering from her injuries. It appears some of her recovery will be documented on the show.

- As noted, Eva Marie became the third WWE star to be suspended this week for a violation of the company's Wellness Policy, joining Alberto Del Rio and Paige. Like Del Rio and Paige, it was her first Wellness Policy violation, which resulted in a 30 day suspension.

A source noted that top officials were made aware of Eva's Wellness violation on Wednesday, so this wasn't a case of WWE knowing the results of the test well in advance before the announcement. As noted, WWE reportedly knew of Roman Reigns' Wellness Policy violation in June at least several days before it was announced.

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