August 13, 2016

Nikki Storm Talks Signing with WWE, the WWE Match Which Inspired Her and More

Recent WWE signee Nikki “Storm” Glencross recently spoke with Miami Herald and below are some interview highlights:

On a July 2000 WWE Fully Loaded match featuring Lita and The Hardy Boyz against Trish Stratus and Test and Albert inspiring her to become a wrestler:

“I actually haven’t [told them that story], but I probably should mention it to them,” she chuckled.

“The action, the glamour, the characters. I never had seen anything like it before. Back in the UK, I’d seen football; you call it soccer in the U.S. I’d seen the Olympics, stuff like gymnastics, but [WWE] I’d never seen that style of entertainment. It’s like a movie. It’s an amazing mix of drama and action. I can’t even compare it to anything else.”

On signing with WWE:
“When I received the news that they wanted to sign me, I was wrestling in Japan,” she said. “I was so excited. When I came back from Japan, I was wrestling all over the UK, and I tried to focus as much as I could on wrestling. I just tried to be very focused.”

“Even now it feels like a dream — like I have to pinch myself everyday,” she said. “It’s just amazing being here.”

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