August 29, 2016

Sasha Banks Injury Updates

Sasha Banks is backstage at tonight's RAW in Houston and appeared on tonight’s WWE Raw pre-show. During the interview, which went along with the story line of Banks suffering her injury during her SummerSlam match against Charlotte, Banks said she never thought Charlotte would stoop so low as to try and end her career during their match.

On the subject of recovery, Banks reiterated that she does not need surgery, and when she comes back Charlotte will have a big target on her back as Banks is coming to regain her title.

The Raw pre-show hosts did not hold back much during the interview, and Booker T even brought up Sasha Banks being labeled “injury prone” in her career so far in WWE. Sasha shrugged off the label and said when she comes back she will return stronger than ever, and added Charlotte set out to injure her during their match at SummerSlam.

As Mick Foley noted on Raw last week, Banks will get her rematch for the WWE Women’s Title once she is cleared to return. In the meantime, Banks’ injury is said to be the reason why Bayley was fast tracked to the WWE main roster, as she was not originally scheduled to leave NXT until sometime in September.

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