August 29, 2016

Stephanie McMahon Talks WWE Reinventing Itself, WWE Network Success, Philosophy In The Company

Stephanie McMahon was recently interviewed by Fast To Create to discuss the growth and success of WWE. Below are some highlights:

The success of WWE:

"I think any successful company with longevity has to continue to reinvent itself over and over. At our heart, what we are, we're storytelling. We have compelling stories because in order to invest in the characters and care whether they win or lose, you have to understand who they are. And you have to be able to relate to those characters, because ultimately, that's the best form of storytelling. We combine the best elements of reality shows, soap operas, drama, and action into one incredible show that never goes off the air. You can be engaged with WWE 24/7 if you want. We're always here for you. That's an unusual notion that doesn't exist with any other brand."

The philosophy in the company:

"We also have a philosophy around treating every day as if it's your first day on the job. It's good to have that perspective to be able to question how things have always been done. Sometimes things are done a certain way for a very good reason, but other times it can be a legacy hangover and should be changed, and it's that kind of thinking that helps figure out which is which. Just like engaging with your audience, listening and caring about them, business leaders need to do the same with their employees. If you do that you will have a more cohesive, more vibrant and engaged team around you, and as a result your product will be better."

WWE Network:

"It's our fastest-growing, and second most profitable line of business to date. So it's all about staying on top of OTT trends, the way our fans are consuming content, making sure that content is available on every possible platform so they can get it any time, anywhere, on any device."

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