August 2, 2016

Why WWE Split Alberto Del Rio And Paige, Rosa Mendes Training to Return

- Rosa Mendes noted on Instagram that she is headed to the WWE Performance Center to start training for a ring return. Rosa had been busy with her new fitness website called "Totally Fit Mama", which is geared to women and mothers wanting to improve their health and bodies. Rosa wrote:
My power meal before my flight to Orlando. Gluten free pasta dish. So excited to get back in the ring and train again. #nutrition #energyfood #thecomeback #totallyfitmamafamily
- As noted, real-life couple Alberto Del Rio and Paige were drafted to separate brands last month, with Paige going to RAW and Del Rio to SmackDown. Shortly after the draft, Paige had removed all references of Del Rio from her social media account, before re-adding them a week later. Dave Meltzer noted on last night's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Del Rio and Paige are likely on separate brands because of Paige's social media posts.

"Del Rio's getting in trouble with that stuff," Meltzer said, referring to social media. "Del Rio and Paige. That's why they're on separate brands."

When asked if social media caused WWE to split them up, Meltzer replied, "I don't think that anybody will actually say that. But yeah, I think so."

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