September 14, 2016

Alexa Bliss Talks #1 Contendership on WWE Talking Smack

Below is video from last night's WWE Talking Smack with new #1 contender Alexa Bliss talking Backlash and the SmackDown Women's Title. Here is a recap of her speech:

Alexa Bliss is the next guest on the show. She says that she is exactly in the position that she deserves to be in. Bliss says that all the other women see her as the biggest threat. That's why they ganged up on her to eliminate her at Backlash in the 6 way. Renee brings up the fact that Alexa is the smallest woman on the Smackdown roster. Daniel says that he and Alexa share the same size issue. Alexa says she is nothing like Daniel Bryan. I agree in more ways than one. Alexa is offended by the short comments and the focus on her size. Bliss is then asked about Becky Lynch. Alexa says that she is excited about taking the title away from Lynch now that she is #1 contender. Bryan asks Bliss how she feels about never NXT womens champion and how she feels about being overshadowed by all the other women's wrestlers in NXT who got critical acclaim over her. Bliss says it was super offensive. She states that she started in NXT before Becky Lynch and that she was ignored and pushed aside for the 4 horsewomen.

Daniel Bryan asks Alexa again if it's because she is so tiny. Renee calls Daniel an instigator. Bryan then asks Alexa her opinion on Renee's shiny shirt. Alexa sarcastically says she likes it and that Renee looks like a disco pirate. Calls it a Tina Turner hand me down. Bryan asks Alexa about her experience competing for titles. Alexa states that she has been competing for titles since she was 5 years old. Bliss mentions her national titles for cheerleading and gymnastics. Bliss says her inexperience doesn't matter. That she beat Becky Lynch on her first night. That she beat Nikki Bella tonight. How she has dedicated her whole life to get what she wanted. Bryan says that he now gets it. That Alexa had a pageant mom. Alexa's voice cracks as she says again that she is dedicated. Alexa once again touts her accomplishments thus far on Smackdown Live. Bryan says that he sees Becky Lynch as a known quantity but Alexa is not that yet. Alexa says she is excited for her chance to win the Smackdown Womens champion and how she has a long history with Becky Lynch and knows her really well. The conversation now transitions to Alexa's opinion on Carmella. Bliss disses Carmella and calls her delusional. They then start running through Alexa's opinion on a few of the other female wrestlers. Bliss respects Natalya but it's a new era.

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