September 22, 2016

Bayley Talks Reaction To WWE RAW Debut, Proving People Wrong, Her Chemistry w/ Sasha Banks (Videos)

The following is a recap of tonight’s ESPN WWE Off The Top Rope segment with Bayley as the special guests.

Coach asks about her WWE RAW debut and what it’s been like so far, and Bayley says being introduced by Mick Foley and the warm reception from the crowd was great. Bayley talks about being a wrestling fan as a kid and the reactions she got, and talks about how it wasn’t easy being a ‘girl wrestling fan’ and she got weird reactions. Bayley tells a story about how her basketball coach said wearing wrestling shirts was unprofessional, but she says she started watching Macho Man Randy Savage when she was 10, and couldn’t stop because she was drawn in.

Bayley talks about the growth of the women’s divisions in WWE, referencing the two women’s championships, and she says there’s pressure to perform but she wants to prove people wrong. She says it’s possible to fulfill your dreams, even if it’s a crazy childhood dream, but it’s possible and she remembers what it’s like being on the other side of the guardrail. Bayley says any kind of little intimate detail makes the night, and if it’s giving away her headband or something like that, she wants fans to leave with a great memory.

Coach then talks about Bayley staying in NXT while Charlotte, Sasha and Becky were called up to WWE before her, and Bayley says it was a mixed reaction. She says she was happy for them and thrilled for their Wrestlemania moment, but she wishes it would have happened for her a little sooner than it did. Bayley references the new Women’s Championship unveiling at Wrestlemania 32, and she says that’s when she started to realize she did everything she could in NXT and was ready to move on.

Bayley talks about her chemistry with Sasha Banks, noting that they clicked immediately and they want to be the best any time they work with each other. She says there’s a competitive edge there and they want to one up each other each time, then Coach plugs WWE Clash of Champions on Sunday and closes the segment.

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