September 20, 2016

Carmella on Why She's Attacking Nikki Bella (Video)

The following is from tonight's WWE Talking Smack:

Carmella is welcomed to the show. They show a video recap of Carmella's attack on Nikki Bella last month on Talking Smack. Bryan teases Carmella about attacking his sister in law. Carmella is asked about the reason behind her targeted attacks on Nikki. Carmella talked about how upset she was that her SummerSlam debut in her hometown was over shadowed by Nikki Bella's return. Bryan says that Carmella sounds like she is jealous of Nikki. Carmella compares Nikki to an animal at The Bronx Zoo.

Carmella says she has no reason to be jealous of Nikki and that she will one day be women's champion. Bryan says that in order for Carmella to be a champ. She has to start winning matches and not getting herself disqualified. Carmella says that her plan is to retire Nikki Bella and make her regret that she ever came back from her neck injury. Carmella then goes on a tantrum defending herself. Renee tries to wrap up the interview and dismiss Carmella. Carmella asks Renee to ask one more question and when she does. Carmella ends the interview and walks off.

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