September 9, 2016

Conflicting Report on Paige’s Current Status With WWE; Has She Officially Quit the Company?

Earlier today it was reported that Paige had left WWE in the midst of a Wellness Policy suspension, and ongoing controversy surrounding real-life boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, who has officially been granted his release from the company. These reports were based on information from Twitter user Front Row Brian, who has consistently proved a credible source for pro wrestling and MMA news, stating that Paige had “quit WWE this week and has hired legal representation.”

However, according to a daily update from Dave Meltzer at, Paige has not yet officially left the company.
“According to those with direct knowledge of her situation, she was basically in the same situation A.J. Lee was on when C.M. Punk left. At one point this week it did appear she was gone, right now that isn’t the case, but it can change and the situation will be weird. The big difference is there is no legal action being taken against Alberto like there was against Punk.”
It seems there may still be a chance for both sides to work out their differences in this incredibly convoluted situation, where neither side has let slip much in the way of concrete information. That being said, Paige was in attendance at Del Rio’s press conference in Mexico today, supporting her boyfriend.

We’ll keep you updated as more news on Paige and Del Rio is sure to come in the next few days.

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