September 9, 2016

Eva Marie Lands Movie Role With Nicolas Cage

Deadline reported on Thursday that WWE Superstar Eva Marie will co-star in a new thriller titled "Inconceivable" with Nicolas Cage and Faye Dunaway.

It's worth noting that Deadline's updated report does not mention Eva's role but their original report referred to her as Natalie Eva Marie from Total Divas, and Entertainment Weekly is still reporting that she's involved.

The movie will also co-star Nicky Whelan and will be directed by Jonathan Baker with Chloe King writing the script. It appears WWE Studios is not involved.

The movie follows Whelan, who stars as an abused mother named Katie, as she moves into a new neighborhood to start her live over with her young daughter. She befriends a married woman named Angela, presumably played by Eva, and her husband Brian, played by Cage. Angela begins to notice odd behavior from Katie that causes her to question whether Katie's intentions are as innocent as she makes them out to be, of if something darker is lurking beneath the surface.

Filming begins in October. Eva is due back from her first WWE Wellness Policy suspension on September 18th.

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