September 27, 2016

Eve Torres Says She Struggled With Body Image Issues

Us Weekly has a story here about former WWE star Eve Torres sharing the photo below on her Instagram. Torres told US Weekly that she struggled with body image issues after her son was born last year.
"As someone whose profession relies heavily on physical activity, I definitely felt extra pressure to get back to my pre-baby shape," she told Us Weekly. "But the truth is, I don't know a mom who doesn't feel the pressure to bounce back after giving birth."

After watching the film #EMBRACE I felt moved to make this post. I had originally taken this photo one week after I gave birth to Raeven with the intention of putting it side by side with my future "skinny" body after I lost all my baby weight 'in just 4 weeks!' (Like they do in the magazines). Well 4 weeks passed. And then 4 months. And we are almost at a year, and I still haven't reached my pre-baby body, and maybe never will. And yet, I am proud of my body, and I feel healthy as ever. I realized that the only "after" picture that matters is a happy, healthy mommy with her happy, healthy baby. I wish new moms wouldn't be burdened with the pressure to get back into pre-baby shape so quickly. Exercise (when your body is ready), eat for health, love yourself & your child, and let your body do whatever it's meant to do after the amazing feat of creating a human. #IHaveEmbraced #selflove #loveyourbody #pregnancy #postpartum
Una foto pubblicata da Eve Torres Gracie (@evetorresgracie) in data:

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