September 30, 2016

Nikki Bella Reveals 'Massive Fight' She Had With Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella Says She Didn't Want To Retire

The Bella Twins are in New York doing media for next week's premiere of Total Bellas, which airs on E! on Wednesday, October 5th. The Bellas spoke with AOL's BUILD series in New York City, and talked about Daniel Bryan's retirement happening while they were filming the show.

"It's hard to re-live the moments, we had no idea that Bryan would have to retire," Brie said. "The cameras caught all that and it was a point where [we wondered], 'Do we just go? Do we stop the project and just go back to Phoenix?' And Bryan wanted to power through it. But you know in the six episodes you really see someone trying to be so strong and [then] decline as the series goes on. I think the great thing is that so many people will connect with Bryan because we've all had dreams get taken away."

Brie talked about Bryan's retirement being hard, and herself not wanting to retire from WWE this past spring.

"It was hard as a wife to see that, especially because I had two months left at WWE and I was trying so hard to enjoy the ending. It was hard for me because of what he was going through and I didn't really want to retire. It's kind of bittersweet for me because we want to be parents, and I can't take back bumps and have a baby bump, unfortunately."

Brie noted that it will be hard for them to watch everything again, but with Bryan being the SmackDown General Manager, fans at least know that there is a happy ending.

Nikki also talked about Bryan's attitude during that period, noting that she didn't know what was happening and was protective of Brie. Nikki felt like Bryan wasn't supporting Brie in her last few months before Brie's retirement and the two got in "a massive fight."

"He [Bryan] cussed at me, and Bryan does not ever say a cuss word," Nikki said. "But I drove him to get that angry."

You can watch the interview in the video below.

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