September 9, 2016

Paige Not Returning, Quitting WWE This Week?

We noted earlier via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Paige had reportedly retained legal representation and that there was speculation on her not returning to WWE, despite being under contract until 2019. Paige, who is also dealing with injuries, is currently serving a 30-day suspension for her first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy but there have been a number of issues going on behind-the-scenes that have brought her heat from company officials.

MMA source Front Row Brian, who has revealed several WWE scoops in the past, backed up The Observer report on Paige hiring a lawyer. Brian also reports that Paige quit the company this week. He tweeted:

As noted, it's believed that WWE and Alberto Del Rio will announce his departure from the company later on today. We will keep you updated on both Paige and Del Rio.

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