September 6, 2016

Rusev And Lana Off TV For A Few More Weeks?, Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte News

- Regarding Sasha Banks facing WWE Women's Champion Charlotte at the September 25th Clash of Champions pay-per-view, Dave Meltzer mentioned on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that this is a case of Sasha getting cleared early because she did not need surgery after WWE officials originally believed she would be out longer. At least some plans for Bayley were changed because of Sasha's status changes but the original plan for Clash of Champions did have Sasha vs. Charlotte in the Women's Title match.

- Could Lana and WWE United States Champion Rusev be off TV for a month? We noted before that the two flew to Dubai after their traditional wedding ceremony in Bulgaria this past weekend. Rusev tweeted the following last night, noting that they are on a 23-day honeymoon:

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