September 8, 2016

WWE Talents Not Happy With Sasha Banks "Bad News" RAW Promo

There were some talents very upset with the Sasha Banks "bad news" RAW promo from this past Monday night, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The feeling among those upset was that her promo was in bad taste as the company tried to use the emotion of the Daniel Bryan retirement speech but they ended up with a bad angle instead. The Observer notes that one veteran talent mentioned the Edge retirement segment and another name mentioned was Tyson Kidd, who has been out of action for more than a year with a neck injury. Both Kidd and Bryan are well-liked across the board by other WWE talents. There are also obvious comparisons to the Mark Henry fake retirement speech but that was just an angle and not based on an injury. It comes down to career-ending injuries being a sensitive subject to friends of the injured wrestlers.

The Observer did not specify but it sounds like the heat is on company officials and perhaps creative, not Sasha herself.

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