October 10, 2016

Bayley On Her All-Time WWE Dream Match, Women Possibly Working Gimmick Matches In WWE, More

Bayley recently spoke with FOX Sports to promote the new WWE 2K17 video game. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

FS: One of the most fun things about WWE games is the ability to make whatever match you want featuring the current roster and WWE legends. What would be your all-time WWE dream match?
Bayley: I have a few, but No. 1 that comes to mind right now would be … I would team with Macho Man and we would take on Sasha Banks and Eddie Guerrero. If I were to have a match with Lita, I would make that a championship ladder match.
FS: You mentioned fans being handsy, and part of your character is that you give out hugs to everyone. Has that ever put you in an awkward or weird situation before?
Bayley: No, because the fans love the hugs and they want to take pictures and they want me to hug them, and I have no problem with that.
The only thing that I could ever think about, which turned out to be a joke on me, was …. we were at the [WWE Performance Center], we were doing that PC All-Access show where the fans come in and we're able to hang out and eat lunch with them, they can watch a show and all the stuff like that. There was one fan who just kept coming up to me and was like 'yeah, I like really weird hugs, so lets see how many weird hugs I can get in a row.' And I was like 'uhhh OK yeah sure.' And he just came up and had his arms in different positions and was squeezing me for an awkwardly long time, and I was like 'is anyone else seeing this?'
Come to find out he was the actor from Swerved.
FS: You mentioned a dream ladder match earlier, do you think having women compete in things like Hell in a Cell matches or ladder matches is kind of the natural progression for women's wrestling? Do you want to compete in matches like that?
Bayley: That's definitely something I'd love to see in the future. That's like another level. We've just started to make strides on having these huge matches and the women having the main event spot of Monday Night Raw like they did last week, so I think that's kind of gonna be the next step. We want to start main eventing pay-per-views, main eventing WrestleMania someday. We want all the opportunities that the men have, and we want to be able to be put in those situations and know that we can handle it. I think if they… Hell in a Cell is a huge deal, if they wanted to start off small and maybe put us in a cage match or something, that'd be cool, but I know that's something we all want to be a part of.

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