October 28, 2016

Bayley Talks Missing NXT

WWE uploaded the video below on their YouTube channel, which is blocked in some countries, where they spoke with Bayley about her experience in NXT. Bayley revealed what she misses most about NXT.

"I miss everything," Bayley admitted. "It's just bitter sweet. I'm really happy to be with WWE but it was a family back there. The family that I grew up with. It has a different feel to the crowd. We all grew together and we all built NXT together. It wasn't just the fans or it wasn't just the roster. It was all of us putting together, their giving their heart and soul when cheering and we were giving our heart and soul when we were performing in the ring. So this together made magic and it displayed on TV so that people at home could feel that. I just miss everything. NXT is so special."

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