October 9, 2016

Charlotte On Possibly Wrestling In The Same Stadium Her Dad Retired In, Advice He Has Given Her

Charlotte spoke with Sky Sports recently about Wrestlemania 33. She comments on what it would be like to wrestle in the same stadium her dad, Ric Flair, retired and what advice he has given her.

On Wrestling in the Same Stadium in which her Dad Retired:

“To know there is a possibility I will be wrestling at the same stadium at a Wrestlemania where my dad had his last just blows my mind – it’s crazy. My dad was my hero and I loved watching him, but it wasn’t until I got into wrestling that I realized how important he was to the industry. My whole family watched that match with Shawn and to see, and hear, over 70,000 people chanting: ‘Thank you, Ric,’ and to see him living out his dream and what he dedicated his life to was very special. I look at the photos and wish I could go back to that moment.”
On advice Ric dad gave her:
“The most important piece of advice he ever gave me was that when you walk through the curtain you have to believe in yourself or the fans will see straight through you.”

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