October 18, 2016

More on The WWE Hell in a Cell Main Event, Natalya evokes a Whitney Houston pitch for Survivor Series

As seen on Smackdown, Natalya channels Whitney Houston in an attempt to be named to the Women's Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match between Raw and SmackDown LIVE.

Speaking of Natalya, she defeated a local wrestler in the dark match before tonight's WWE SmackDown tapings in Denver.

- As noted, RAW General Manager Mick Foley edited his Facebook announcement on Charlotte vs. RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks being the main event of the October 30th Hell In a Cell pay-per-view, now saying the match will be "a main event" and that he doesn't know what the official main event will be yet. Foley elaborated in the comments section of the Facebook post, seen here:
"The match order for #HIAC Will probably not be finalized until hours before the actual show, so each member of the WWE Universe can decide for themselves what their main event is. Regardless of where the women's match is placed on the card, both Sasha and Charlotte should absolutely feel like they are the main event - as should Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. It's a competitive business, and that competitive spirit should bring out the best in everyone on October 30th."

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