October 26, 2016

Sasha Banks Talks Mick Foley Giving Her Advice For HIAC, Chemistry With Charlotte, Teaming With Her

As part of promoting Hell in a Cell, Sasha Banks was interviewed by Fox Sports.

Sasha talked about starting out with Charlotte, the advice that Mick Foley gave her and much more. Below are a few highlights from the interview.

Her relationship with Charlotte:

"I can't really recall our first match but I remember one of my first days at NXT, Sara Del Rey had me and Charlotte lock up with each other, and it was that moment where we kinda knew there was something between us. Everyone just kinda stopped in the room when they saw us lock up like 'whoa,' and we were kinda like 'whoa.' And from there we had this chemistry. We didn't really wrestle each other for the first couple years, we were actually a tag team. We tag-teamed all over Florida, we were in the BFFs. When we first started we were these very, very generic baby faces, really not given the opportunity - we were just there to try to get the other girls over. And it wasn't until… I think after Charlotte won her NXT Women's Championship she kinda got a big head like she always does, and I wasn't really feeling that, because I'm like 'listen, who helped you from the beginning? That's right, me. Because I'm the one with the wrestling skills, I'm the one who loves this the most.' So I kinda just had to put her on her face, and ever since then it's been this ongoing rivalry to try and prove who's better."
Mick Foley's advice:
"I have talked to him about the match and he's just told me how big of a deal this is, especially being the first ever woman being inside Hell in a Cell. It's never been done, and it hasn't been done for a reason but I finally think because the women's revolution just keeps on going and going - it's finally to a point where you don't have to say 'women can only do this, women can only do that.' He has given me advice for it, but he's also trying to scare me with it, too, which I don't need. But he is like… he acts like a dad. He just wants to make sure we're all good. Anything we need he's always there for us."

Sasha also discussed preparing for Hell In A Cell and more. You can check out the full interview here.

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