October 27, 2016

Total Bellas Episode 4 Recap: Daniel Bryan Goes Deeper Into Depression, The Bellas Drift Apart

Here is the synopsis for this week's episode of 'Total Bellas'.

Bryan gets caught in the middle of an argument; Nicole, JJ, Brie and Kathy go on vacation.

This week's show opens with video from Daniel Bryan's retirement speech on Raw in February. The video also features moments from last week's show. Bryan trying to adjust to his life after wrestling. His brief training experience with Sami Zayn at The WWE Performance Center, and Bryan's battle with depression.

Nikki and Brie Bella start this week's show at The John Cena home in Tampa, Florida. They face the camera and start talking about how Brie has changed. Brie talks about how meeting Daniel Bryan has completely changed her lifestyle. How sometimes you end up adopting the personality of someone you love. She talks about how she used to party a lot with her friends and sister and let loose but now that she is with Bryan. Things are very different. Nikki teases her about all of this......Nikki and Brie are now shown on the road. Brie is driving. Brie gives Nikki a grammar lesson. Nikki ends up feeling stupid as a result.

The show's opening credits and theme air... We are now back at The Cena home and The Bella family is gathered outside. Kathy starts talking about all the space they have at the estate. How there is a lot of space for exercising and sprinting. Her children tease her and challenge their mom to sprint. They don't believe that she can even do that. Kathy starts sprinting and her kids jokingly tell her, that she should send the video to The Rock to audition for the next Baywatch movie.

JJ, Nikki and Brie start talking about partying. JJ brags about how much he can drink. JJ tells Brie that she can't drink a lot anymore because her husband restricts her from doing so. Brie laughs and says that Bryan doesn't do that. He just makes her feel guilty when she has had her 2nd drink. JJ says that guilt is worse than restriction. He tells Brie that people should love someone for who they are. JJ says that when Brie was with her old boyfriend Richie. That she dressed and acted like a rock star. Now she has changed and is not herself anymore because of Bryan. Nikki says that Brie used to dress "way sexier" before she met Bryan.

Nikki is then shown off camera talking about her sister Brie's transformation from party girl to conservative. Old party photos of Brie are shown on screen of her in "Brie Mode" at clubs and on the beach. Back to The Bellas at the estate, Brie defends her lifestyle change. Says she is 32 not 21 anymore. Claims that she has changed Bryan more than he has changed her. Her brother and sister take exception to this. They say that Brie has always been someone who has adapted to the men, she has been in relationships with.

The next scene is Brie at poolside with JJ's sister in law, Lexie. They are drinking champagne and laying out by the pool. Brie tells Lexie that her and Bryan have purchased a home in Phoenix. She says that she wants to give the home a bohemian design. Tells Lexie that her family is upset that her and Bryan are only going to have 4 bedrooms in the house. As the conversation continues, Brie notices that Nikki's dog Winston has once again eaten his own poop. They both go to clean up Winston and Brie mistakenly kisses Winston after they clean him up, forgetting what he just ate.

Back on the road with Nikki and Brie. Nikki has noticed that Brie has stopped painting her toe nails. Brie says that she forgets to take care of her feet and that Bryan is ok with her not painting her toe nails.... Nikki then asks Brie about the size of her and Bryan's new home... Brie off camera talks about how Bryan and her are excited about building their dream home. However, She doesn't like how everyone keeps telling her what to do with the new house. Clips are then shown of a recent formal dinner at The Cena home. Where everyone tells Bryan and Brie that a 2,000 square foot home is too small..... Back to the car, Nikki is giving Brie home advice. How she needs to add more space to her home for things like an office....Nikki is now shown off camera, she says that Brie used to always dream about having a big cottage styled home. Now she has changed her ideals because she is with Bryan. Nikki tells Brie in the car, That deep down, she knows that Brie is compromising what she really wants. Brie defends her house plan and disagrees with Nikki. Nikki then tells Brie that she has changed and gets visibly sad and says that she is not her sister anymore.

The next day, We arrive at The Cena Guest House. A new arrival to the house is JJ's wife Lauren aka "Lola", as she refers to herself as. She has arrived for Kathy's wedding celebration. Lauren, John Laurinaitis and The Bella family are all together with Bryan and Brie. The 5 bedroom debate comes up again. This time, Nikki tries to sell Bryan on it. He says it's excessive. That it would cost too much money. Nikki talks about what if Brie ends up having triplets. That they won't have enough space in the house. This angers Bryan with Nikki's lack of reasoning and logic. At this point, everyone starts chiming in on how Bryan and Brie's house needs to be bigger... Bryan gets defensive. He says that he grew up in an 1,800 square foot home and he was perfectly happy.... Bryan is then shown off camera, talking about the entire situation. Talks about his humble upbringing and how he doesn't believe in living in a large home. Sees it as excessive. Back to the guest house, Nikki tells Brie that the 2,000 foot home is not her dream house. Not what she really wants. You can see that Bryan is getting even more visibly angry at this point. The argument intensifies at this point and the tension rises. Nikki continues to critique Brie and Bryan. Brie says that she wants to bring her kids up right and that she doesn't want them to be big consumers... Nikki says that her kids would live in a 15,000 square foot home in San Diego and still be humble because of how she would raise them. Bryan laughs at this. Asks Nicole if she actually thinks that she is humble. This really angers Nikki. Brie even comes to her defense. Nikki gets defensive and asks everyone in the room to raise their hands if they think she is humble. Which everyone does minus Bryan of course..... Bryan tells Nikki that she thinks that everything that she has, she deserves. Brie really takes Nikki's side in this argument. Calls Bryan's comments BS. Brie says that it's wrong to diss people and judge them on how they live. Bryan says that he is allowed to state his opinion and that he tired of everyone butting in and telling him what kind of home, he should live in. He goes into a long rant about it. After Bryan has his say, He ends the argument by stating that he will just keep his opinions to himself from now on.

The next scene, Brie is kissing Bryan goodbye. Bryan is headed to drive Nikki and help her with errands. As soon as Bryan gets in the car, He apologizes to Nikki for what he said to her. Nikki thanks him for apologizing. Bryan tells her that he doesn't think that Nikki is a bad person and knows that she works hard. He then nervously laughs when he says that they both just have different opinions of what humility is..... Bryan says that he is sorry that raised his voice to Nikki. Nikki says that she understands that Bryan feels uncomfortable around her family. She doesn't want him to feel like he can't express his opinion around them. Nikki says she is sorry too... Nikki is shown off camera, saying that she feels bad about the argument because she really loves Bryan. Back in the car, Nikki tells Bryan to drive her to get Spray Tan.. They both laugh.

Later on in the day. The entire family is getting dressed up for formal dinner. Lauren and Kathy go into The "Gentlemen's Room". They greet their men, JJ and Johnny. Kathy talks about her wedding to John Laurinaitis being a week away..... Everyone is now seated for dinner. One of the flowers on the table is blocking Brie and Bryan from John and Nikki. JJ jokes that it's probably better that way. That they can't see each other, so that things can be more peaceful.. John Cena asks "What did I miss?".
Kathy says it's nothing but a difference of opinions. Brie toasts to the differences between everyone in the family.

Nikki tells everyone at the table that she got a call from The WWE today. That she is needed for WrestleMania and The Raw after WrestleMania in Dallas. JJ then calls for a toast. He announces to the family that his wife Lauren is pregnant. Kathy is excited about being a grandmother. Nikki is happy that her brother is going to be a dad. John Cena toasts to good news and The men and women adjourn to their designated separate rooms.

The women get together in their room and schedule a bachelorette party in Naples Florida. Nikki gets happy because Brie can go into "Brie Mode" because Bryan isn't around. This line by Nikki upsets Brie.

The men are gathered in The Gentlemen's room. John Cena asks Daniel what the hell went on this morning. Bryan tells John about his argument with Nikki. How he questioned her humility. Bryan admits to John that he doesn't think that Nikki is humble. Bryan says that it became a big issue because voices were raised on both sides during the argument. John Laurinaitis says that he doesn't think, he has ever heard Bryan raise his voice before. John tells Bryan that he has just one question for him.... John calmly says "Is everything ok?".... John senses that something is off with Bryan. Bryan says everything is fine. That he hashed it out with Nikki. Bryan goes to leave. John tells him to get some rest and relaxation.

The next day, Nikki is preparing to leave home to head to Naples, Florida for her mom's Bachelorette party. Nikki has invited her friends to come along. She starts packing. She is ready to leave but she notices Brie and Bryan huddled together by the pool. Nikki says that they have been out there all morning talking, and that she can tell it is about something deep. Brie reveals that Bryan got a phone call from his doctors in Phoenix. That he has to fly back to Phoenix to meet with them, because they have something to tell him. Brie reveals to her sister what is happening with Bryan.

Bryan tells everyone in the house that he is flying out to Phoenix.. Bryan reveals off camera that he doesn't even get brief moments of joy, now that he is not wrestling. Bryan wants to go back home and not stay at the Cena guest house alone. Back at the home, Kathy asks Bryan if he will be back for her wedding. Bryan says he doesn't think so. Kathy tells Bryan that if he needs anything. That he can give them a call..... Brie reveals off camera that Bryan told him that he wants to be alone right now.

The Bellas are on the road. They are driving to Naples, Florida. Kathy talks about her insecurities wearing bikini's next to younger women like her daughters and their friends. Brie is asked about the party. She says that she is more concerned with her husband. Brie openly talks about Bryan potentially needing medicine for depression. She is worried about how that medicine will affect him. Brie then starts talking about the possibility of not having children. How she doesn't want to have a child while she is stressed out. Brie says that Bryan's doctors have recommended medication. How she fears that Bryan's brain injuries have created an imbalance. Brie tells everyone that Bryan has hit rock bottom in his life. That he is in a very dark place. After learning about all of this, Nikki admits that she feels bad about arguing with Bryan over a house. Considering the state that he is in.

The Bella family and their friends have arrived at The Naples Grande Beach Resort. They are all greeted in their room by a hotel employee. He pops open a champagne battle for them. Nikki attempts to do the same thing later. Which frightens her family and friends, as they head for cover. Nikki manages to get the job done. Toasts to all the girls and calls out her brother for coming along with them. The women all get changed to go to the pool. Kathy doesn't get into a bikini. She wears a long dress. Gets called a nun and mocked by all the women. The ladies are now poolside. They all start drinking and having fun. Nikki pulls one of her friend's aside to point out that one of the old men by the pool, is accidentally exposing himself. They both get a laugh out of it..... Kathy is poolside and she is blindfolded. The women call in "Senor" to come greet her. "Senor" is not Benjamin but John Laurinaitis. He starts feeling her up. Kathy laughs because she knows that it's him.

Brie is not yet in Brie mode. The other ladies are all drunk, diving into the pool. Nikki takes off her neck brace. Johnny pushes Kathy into the pool. Nikki tries to get Brie to drink more but she won't. Nikki calls her out on it. They start shoving each other. Brie tackles Nikki and Nikki gets upset. Thinks that Brie has pent up hostility towards her and is upset because she doesn't want to jeopardize her neck. Nikki heads to the hotel spa with her mom. Brie is in the pool and John Laurinaitis asks Brie about Nikki. Why she has been saying all week that Brie has changed. Johnny tells Brie that he thinks that Nicole misses Brie. Misses how their relationship used to be. Brie admits that she has changed over the years. Considers it a process of evolving.... Back at the spa, Nikki and Kathy talk about how sad they feel about Bryan.... Back to poolside, Brie nearly breaks down, talking about how she hates that Daniel Bryan is clinically depressed. Brie reveals that Bryan wants to move to Washington State for 3 months. Back to Aberdeen. Brie admits that she didn't know what type of person, she would end up with, and that she just has to roll with the punches.

Later on, Nikki has a heart to heart with JJ's wife at poolside. She talks about her relationship with Brie over the years. How she has struggled of late with her. Nikki questions her sister's happiness.

Back in the pool. JJ advises Brie to talk to Nikki about her feelings. The show ends with both sisters talking about each other but not with each other.

Next week's show is previewed. Kathy finds two lumps in her breasts. Brie goes off to Phoenix to be with Bryan and help him with his depression.

Thanks to Leon Milici and Wrestling INC for the recap.

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