November 22, 2016

Alexa Bliss Talks Her Character, Pro Wrestling Influences, WWE’s Focus On Women’s Wrestling, More

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss was recently interviewed by the Ottawa Sun ahead of WWE’s upcoming show in Ottawa. Here are some highlights:

On her debut in WWE and the evolution of her character:
“When I first debuted with NXT, I wore glitter, I wore a blue tutu, that was probably the closest thing to me as a real person,” she said. “In real life, I don’t act as mean as I do in the ring — that would get me in a lot of trouble. But the feeling is real when you’re out there and somebody says something about you, the reaction is real because you have to feel it. The meanness is not me, but probably everything else, yeah, that’s me.”
On her pro wrestling influences:
“I watched wrestling religiously with my grandparents all the time,” she said. “I loved watching Trish Stratus because she was so iconic and such a powerful woman. I loved watching Rey Mysterio because his lucha style reminded me so much of gymnastics. His style was so fascinating to me.”
On WWE deciding to put more focus on women’s wrestling:
“It’s amazing to see how far the women’s division has come,” said Bliss. “Even when I first started, the way our women wrestled is different from what it is now. It’s been so fun to see that and be part of that change. There’s no limit to what we can do. I wouldn’t be surprised in the next few years if we’ll be headlining Wrestlemania.”

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