November 12, 2016

Becky Lynch On If She Would Turn Heel, How Alexa Bliss Is Doing On Main Roster, Women's Revolution

During the recent UK tour of WWE, SmackDown Women's champion Becky Lynch talked to Ben Wilson of Games Radar as part of promoting WWE 2K17.

Becky talked about the Women's revolution, turning heel, Alexa Bliss and more. Below are some highlights.

Turning heel:
"Oh, 100 per cent. And [I'll do it] when people least expect it! Mostly for social media: Twitter or Instagram becomes so much more fun when you can be boastful and say whatever you want. You can be so full of yourself and ridiculous when you're a heel. And if I'm ever going to feud with Bayley again, you couldn't have her be the heel. Actually, I would love to see Bayley heel though. Wouldn't that be funny. What would she do? Kick puppies? I don't know!"
On Alexa Bliss going a great job:
"I want that responsibility of elevating the newer additions to the roster, like Alexa. She has the big spotlight, and she is just crushing it. She's so charismatic. She's adorable looking, this little tiny thing in cool little outfits, with pigtails – but those mean facial features, and the way she struts around like a peacock: what a heel. She's doing a great job."
About the Women's revolution:
"The real revolution wasn't hash tagged. It was just a case of us slowly doing our job well. We were given the opportunity to do that, and then got brought up onto the main roster and [the revolution] became this bigger thing. But the real thing happened much more quietly, without any big fuss. Each of us wants to be the best. If you see [Sasha or Charlotte or Bayley] have an amazing match, you want to have one that's even better. In a good, competitive way."

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