November 30, 2016

Becky Lynch Tells Alexa Bliss That She is Going to Leave Her as a "Bleeding Beauty"

The following is a recap of Talking Smack featuring Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

Becky says that she is very angry with what Alexa Bliss did to her on Smackdown Live. She says that she has a bruised spine from her fall into the table. Renee asks if Becky is worried about being injured, going into her title defense. Becky states that she has been through so many injuries throughout her career. Becky respects Alexa Bliss, but she feels that she is prepared to beat her and retain her title.

The Miz talks over Becky and she puts him in his place. Telling him to allow her to speak. Becky Lynch then goes on to make some strange honey badger analogy about herself. Renee Young looks down at her phone. Miz calls her out on it. Renee says that she just got a text from Daniel Bryan. That Becky and Alexa will face each other in a tables match at TLC. (I thought that was already announced)... Renee also reads a part of the text that has Bryan saying that "The Miz isn't fooling anyone".

Becky closes out her appearance by putting over every single female superstar on the Smackdown Live roster. She then sends a message to Alexa Bliss. Becky informs Alexa that she is going to leave her as a "bleeding beauty" at TLC. Somehow, this is a response to Alexa's constant Disney references...

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