November 6, 2016

Brie Bella Talks Daniel Bryan Wanting To Wrestle, Being Eager For A Comeback, Total Bellas

Brie Bella spoke with Sky Sports ahead of the WWE's show in Glasgow. During the interview, Brie talked about being eager to comeback, Daniel Bryan's general manager role and more. Below are some highlights.
About a potential comeback:
"I miss wrestling so much and cannot wait to make a comeback. Would I like to wrestle my sister? I do enjoy that, but I'd like to come back as a Bella Twin and take on Lita and Trish Stratus. You need to make that happen!"

Daniel Bryan being the GM of SmackDown:
"He is still surrounded by wrestling and still gets to be creative. It's obviously hard that he can't get in the ring but to be around his friends and part of the business in some way helps him, even though he will tell you: 'Yeah - but I want to be in the ring!'"
The difference between Total Bellas and Total Divas:
"The conversations were just different - as we were with our family our chemistry, connection and history were apparent. It was a different feeling - for example, if you're tired you can tell your family to bog off and they don't get offended. If I say that on Total Divas, someone goes 'Oh, she doesn't like me' and it turns into a big, dramatic situation! When we came in, you were very much your characters on TV, but with social media and Total Divas you have understood who we really are. We are now ourselves - Vince McMahon let us wear our own clothes and have our own gimmicks and that took our careers to the next level."

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