November 15, 2016

Maryse On Why SmackDown Has Lower Ratings Than Raw, Miz Playing Fantasy Football On Honeymoon, More

WWE superstar Maryse recently talked to She discussed why SmackDown has lower ratings than Raw, being with the Miz the whole time and more. Below are some highlights.

Why Raw beats SmackDown on ratings:
"Even though we think SmackDown is the better show, they'll look at it as 'Oh, Raw gets more ratings. Raw is automatically better.'
Raw has 25 years behind it, they've been on Monday night for decades; we just started SmackDown on Tuesdays. It's just going to take a while."
Being with The Miz:
"We just love to joke around. It's been a lot of fun, it sounds cliche when you say you work with your husband all the time, we're on SmackDown Live, we're filming Total Divas, and now we're going overseas for the tour with the WWE, so it's a lot of stuff, but somehow it's really fun. Somehow being together 24/7, we're like best friends."
Miz playing Fantasy Football on Honeymoon:
"There's an episode of Total Divas where we go onto my honeymoon and basically, you know, I was very excited because we got married in 2014 and I've never had a chance to go on my honeymoon. We finally got four days off, which we never get; between SmackDown and Total Divas, we get no days off. We get four days off and we go to the Bahamas and on the first night, I'm thinking, 'Woah, first night on the honeymoon, right guys? It's gonna be fun.' My husband is in the kitchen looking for WiFi, why? Because he's looking for a WiFi signal because he needs to do his Fantasy Football draft."
 Maryse also talked about supporting Miz and more. You can read the interview here.

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