November 30, 2016

Taylor Wilde Talks Knockouts Main Eventing Impact Wrestling And More

Former TNA Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde recently spoke with TNA Impact Wrestling Website about tomorrow night’s big Six Sides Of Steel main event featuring Jade versus Rosemary.

Wilde shared her thoughts on women getting a chance to main event, her previous career with TNA, and a prediction for the match tomorrow. You can read a few excerpts below:

Wilde on women getting an opportunity to main event on Impact Wrestling: 
“When I was a Knockout, the world was beginning to see a big shift in focus to the women’s division in TNA. The ladies were beginning to be involved in predominate story lines and were getting to wrestle in two matches a night. I felt honored to be a part of this movement,”

“I think it’s great two women are competing in the main event. My hope is that the females continue to move forward. TNA has always hired women who are competitive in the ring and hungry to make a difference in professional wrestling.”
Wilde offers a prediction for the match, also recalling her relationship with Abyss: 
“Like any TNA fan should know, Abyss is a ticking time bomb. Having him as an ally can either be an asset or a disaster. I’m sure Rosemary will use him as an asset but also keep her wits.”

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