November 3, 2016

Total Bellas Episode 5 Recap: Bella Family Secrets

This is the 5th of only a 6 episode series. The series finale will be next Wednesday Night before "Total Divas" returns.

Here is the synopsis for tonight's episode.

Brie heads home to be with Bryan; Nikki wonders if Brie's career should come first; Johnny reveals a potentially life-altering secret Kathy has been keeping.

The show opens with The Bellas in The Cena home. They talk about the emotional roller coaster that they have been on of late in their lives. Both Bellas then talk about the need to drink a lot of alcohol to get over their stress. They joke about how it leads to the truth being revealed. They debate whether that is a good thing or not.

After the show's opening credits and theme. Brie Bella is with her family on the beach in Naples,Florida. Brie is with John Laurinaitis and mentions how beautiful the scene is but it's hard to be happy because of Bryan. Mentions off camera how Bryan got recent results from the doctors that all but rule out him ever wrestling again. Due to his brain and concussion history.

Brie and Nikki are now beachside together. They are both drinking. They have a heart to heart discussion about the issues they have had recently between one another. Nikki is upset with how much Brie has changed since she met Bryan. How they used to get along so well and how Brie was more fun to be around. Brie tries to tell Nikki, that all those years in her 20's. That she was trying to find her true self and she did when she met Bryan. Brie understands how Nikki feels about them drifting apart , as a result of her relationship with Bryan, because Brie has felt the same way about Nikki and John Cena. The discussion ends up on a positive note for both sisters. Nikki and Brie feel that their heart to heart helped them be more honest and open with each other.

Later on that night. The women are getting dressed up and ready to go out. Brie comes out of the dressing room and so does her nipple. It pops out of her top and her brother JJ and John Laurinaitis end up feeling awkward about seeing Brie's nipple. They critique Brie's choice of fashion that led to the nip slip. Brie says that it's not a big deal. That everyone has nipples...... The family is now out to dinner. Along with them is Brie and Nikki's girlfriends. The family starts going over what they have planned the next few days. Brie tells everyone that she is leaving tomorrow to be with her husband Bryan. How he needs her right now. Brie off camera says that even though, Bryan wants to be alone right now. That she wants to be by his side and help him be happy again... Back at the dinner table, John Laurinaitis tells all the women, to not take offense but Kathy is the most beautiful woman at the table. Just then the chef comes into the room and turns on music and then starts stripping. This is an impromptu bachelorette surprise set up by The Bellas and John Laurinaitis. The Chef strips down to his underwear and then lifts up Kathy and dances with her. Later on... Brie is talking to one of her close friends Shawna. She suggests potential counseling for both Brie and Bryan.

The next day, Brie has now left. Nikki, Kathy, Johnny, JJ and his wife Lauren are all outside at The Naples Grande resort. Joining them are a few of Nikki and Brie's friends. They all talk about how they miss Brie already. The conversation then shifts to JJ's wife Lauren being pregnant. JJ continues to tease his wife that she has to have a boy. As JJ leaves the table. The women all talk about how much JJ has been talking about that of late. His wife Lauren admits that she feels pressured about it and is scared of how JJ will respond if she doesn't have a boy.

Later on, The women are getting together to go to the beach. Kathy shows up and gets complimented by her daughter Nikki for her improved beach attire. Last week, Kathy admitted that she felt insecure about her figure. Especially being with younger women like Nikki and her friends. So she wore a long dress to cover up her body. Kathy tells the ladies that she was brought up in a household that instilled great confidence, but that when she got married to Brie and Nikki's dad. He changed her self image by always criticizing her figure. He would openly talk about trimming off some of her fat. Nikki and her friends tell Kathy that she has always given them self confidence through the years and that she should apply some of her great advice to herself. Nikki takes photos of her mom and friends together. They all compliment Kathy and how she looks.... Later on, Nikki posts the photos on Instagram and then she reads all the positive comments by people to Kathy. Kathy gets a kick out of people calling her hot online.

We are now in Phoenix and Brie has arrived. She is headed to see Bryan. She arrives and greets Bryan at their home in the yard. Bryan acts all somber and sad. Says he has appointments set up with Dr. Jain and his therapist. Brie wants to be there with him for the appointments. Brie tells Bryan that she wants to do whatever it takes to make Bryan happy. Bryan mentions his sadness with no longer being able to wrestle. Brie says that her career is also ending soon. That they should be together to help each other.... Brie off camera says that Bryan seems slightly better than he was but that she still senses sadness and sorrow in him.

Back in Naples Florida. Nikki meets up with her brother JJ at the hotel lounge area. Nikki has on a very revealing top and it gets her some attention from onlookers at the resort...... Nikki and JJ start talking about his future parenthood. Nikki mentions how JJ seems dead set on having a son. Tells him to not put any pressure on his wife Lauren. JJ talks about his upbringing with his own father, and how it wasn't very good. JJ says that he wants to be a better father than his dad was to him.... Later on, The women are getting dressed and going out for their last night at Naples. Kathy is more confident now and is wearing more revealing attire. Admits that her daughter and friends actions from earlier has boosted her spirit... At Dinner later, JJ apologizes to his wife, Lauren in front of everyone for putting pressure on her to have a boy. The two kiss and make up. The women and JJ minus his pregnant wife, all go out now to have drinks after dinner. They all get considerably drunk and end up diving into the pool at The resort.

The family is now back in Tampa and are at John Cena's home. John Cena talks about how he was forced to spend everyday with Nikki's dog Winston. Nikki off camera says that John doesn't like or want to spend time with her dog. She mentions that her sister Brie has offered to adopt Winston from them. Which John is all for. Back at the home, Nikki asks her mom Kathy if she has spoken with Brie. Kathy says she has but they didn't talk about Bryan much. She did say that she was better. Brie ended up missing WWE Television that she was supposed to be on, to be by her husbands side. Nikki thinks that Brie should enjoy the last two weeks of her career. John Cena even admits that it sucks that Brie is not getting the chance to properly send off her own career.

We are now back at Brie and Bryan's house in Phoenix. Bryan approaches Brie in the kitchen. Bryan looks very sad. They both sit down. Bryan says that maybe his test was an anomaly. Brie tells Bryan that it's only a 1 percent chance of it being wrong. Brie tries to get Bryan to accept the results of all the tests that he has received from many doctors. Bryan tells Brie that it's hard to be told that you can't do what you love from now until forever........ Brie tells Bryan that after 2 years, She really thought that Bryan would get cleared by doctors. That she is so sorry that there wasn't a light at the end of the tunnel for him. She stands up and hugs Bryan, who breaks down and starts crying.

Back in Tampa. JJ and Nikki are headed to an art shop marketplace. Where they are both taking a painting lesson. John Cena arrives and joins them. John and Nikki discuss their dog Winston and his effect on their relationship. Nikki asks if the dog ruins their date nights. John immediately says yes. JJ talks to Nikki off to the side and mentions how the dog is being treated like a child in this situation. How John doesn't want to have children and that by Nikki having Winston. It's the equivalent of John and Nikki sharing a child. How Nikki, whether she knows it or not, has introduced a child substitute into their relationship. Nikki off camera says that she never thought of Winston that way and that she didn't intentionally use him for that purpose.... Back at the marketplace, JJ, Nikki and John were all instructed to paint their own portraits. They were supposed to be of a woman in high heels. JJ did a chaotic styled painting. Nikki's painting is supposed to depict a nervous woman. John has drawn male genitalia. Nikki thinks his drawing is of two birds kissing in mid air holding food. John says his painting is actually a hammer hitting lemons. Making lemons out of lemonade and turns it into a metaphor about making life work for you.

We are now back in Arizona. Brie is arriving to a photo shoot for Arizona Foothills Magazine. Brie is with JJ's wife Lauren. Brie talks about Bryan with her. She confides to her about Bryan's emotions. She talks about how hard Bryan's adjustment has been to life after wrestling. Brie breaks down crying about the end of her career and how she can't enjoy it because of Bryan's pain.

Bryan arrives at The Ranch for Brie's photo shoot. Bryan talks about how he needs to recover from this trying part of his life for Brie and his family.

We are back in Tampa now. John Laurinaitis is outside with the family. He is trying and failing to set a fire. This is the normal family fire session but there are key components missing in action. John Cena is filming voiceovers for American Grit and Brie and Bryan are in Arizona.... After a few moments, Johnny looks at Kathy and says.. "Have you told your children"... Nikki and JJ ask, what do they need to be told. Kathy is in denial. Johnny tries to get her to share. Kathy gets upset and says that she doesn't want to talk about it now. Says that Johnny is talking out of his ass. The kids leave to get changed for dinner. Kathy and Johnny start arguing when they leave. Johnny reveals that Kathy has found a lump in her breast and she hasn't had it checked out. Kathy thinks it has to do with her implants. She then snaps at Johnny and says that he is using a potential mammogram as an excuse not to marry her. Johnny gets upset at this notion. Kathy wants to keep things private. She doesn't see it as that big of a deal. She doesn't want to deal with this right before the wedding. Johnny gets upset that Kathy hasn't checked on her medical issue when she had the time to do so, the last three weeks.

We are now in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The Bellas have rented a large house for the upcoming wedding. The entire Bella family is coming in for Johnny and Kathy's wedding. JJ, Nikki and John Laurinaitis are in the rented home. They are in the kitchen and Johnny reveals Kathy's medical issue to Nikki and JJ. They all talk about how stubborn Kathy is. How she needs to it checked. Johnny talks about how he lost his mom at the age of 50. How Kathy is 51 and it is important that she takes care of herself. Nikki promises to say something to her mom.

Nikki confronts her mom in the bedroom. Kathy is angry that Johnny told her. Nikki convinces her mom to check it out today. Kathy says that she will do it as long as no one says anything about it to other family members..... Kathy is on the road with Nikki heading to the doctor's office. Kathy can't believe that she is doing this a day before her wedding. Nikki says that she is worried because their family has a history of breast cancer. They are now in the doctor's office. They meet with Doctor Cheryl Moss-Mellman. Kathy reveals that she recently felt a lump in her breasts after getting implants in August. The doctor asks Kathy about her family's medical history. Kathy's sister had breast cancer, as well as Kathy's aunt. When Kathy is asked when she noticed her lump. She admits that it was 6 weeks ago. Nikki is shocked because her mom lied and said 3 weeks. Nikki says that a matter of weeks can effect life or death when it comes to these situations. The show ends on this cliffhanger.

This preview is shown for next week's series finale.

Thanks to Leon Milici and Wrestling INC for the recap.

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