November 10, 2016

Total Bellas Season Finale Recap: Bellas Prepare For WrestleMania, Johnny And Kathy's Wedding

The 6th and final episode of Total Bellas is entitled "Wedding Mania".

Here is the synopsis for the show;

"Emotions run high in the days leading up to Kathy and Johnny's wedding; Brie's retirement WrestleMania match fast approaches."

The show opens with a video recap of the first 5 episodes. Bryan's struggles with depression over his in-ring retirement. Brie's struggles with her husband, sister and her upcoming retirement match at WrestleMania. The video also shows John Laurinaitis and his big reveal of Kathy's potential breast cancer scare, just days prior to their wedding. Last week's show concluded with Kathy being dragged to the hospital, to check on her potential medical issue. Where she felt a lump in her new breast implants but hid that secret from her family, and opted to not have it checked.

The finale begins at Bryan and Brie's home in Arizona. It is just 2 days before John and Kathy's wedding. Brie is with Bryan and she is packing to leave for her mom's wedding. Off camera, Brie reveals that Bryan will not be going to the wedding because of doctor's orders. He has been instructed to avoid travel and being around a lot of people. Back in the home, Brie receives a phone call from her sister Nikki. Nikki reveals that she is at the doctor's office with their mom. Nikki informs Brie as to why they are there. Brie is shocked and concerned for her mom. Nikki explains why her mom wanted to put off checking on the issue until after the wedding. When the phone call ends, Brie is in a more saddened state than she already was prior to hearing this news.

We are now at The Boca Raton Regional Hospital. Nikki and Kathy are at The Christine E. Lynn Women's Health & Wellness Institute. Kathy and Nikki are in the waiting area. When Doctor Kathy Schilling arrives. She tells Kathy that they found a little bulge on the ultra sound. As it turns out, There is no mass. It's just a simple bulge from Kathy's implant. Both Nikki and Kathy breathe a sigh of relief at the good news. They leave the hospital happy and head back to prepare for the wedding.

Back in Fort Lauderdale. Brie is arriving with her sister in law Lauren and friends. They are headed to the home that was rented for the wedding festivities. John Laurinaitis and JJ greet Brie and company at the home when they arrive. Later on, JJ asks Brie if she would be interested in taking Nikki's dog Winston off of John Cena and her hands. Brie says that her and Bryan would love to. She talks about how their dog Josie always makes them feel better. How Bryan is better able to deal with his depression because of their dog being around. Brie's mom Kathy arrives and Brie hears the good news about Kathy's ultrasound.

Later on, Nikki arrives and she wants to bring her sister Brie to train today with famed coach Neil Melanson. Neil is the head training coach at Jaco Hybrid Training Center. Considered a world class trainer. Melanson has trained the likes of Randy Couture, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort. Melanson was actually trained himself by the legendary Gene Le'Bell. The story goes that Melanson actually showed Daniel Bryan how to apply The LeBell Lock. Better known as The "Yes Lock"... Brie thinks that she would rather just relax, unwind and have some drinks. Nikki tells Brie that she should be prepared to be at her best in her last match at WrestleMania.... Off camera, Nikki talks about how important WrestleMania is to all of them as performers and how she feels that Brie needs to be at her best..... Back at the home. Nikki points to her neck and says that she wishes that he should could wrestle again. That she may not be able to decide what her last match would be like.

Nikki, Brie and John Laurinaitis are now on the road. The Bellas are headed for their training session. The conversation about Brie's wrestlemania match continues. Nikki tells Brie that she should have been training for Mania a long time ago. Brie says that she has been preoccupied with everything in their life..... The Bellas now arrive to The Jaco Hybrid Training Center, and meet up with Neil Melanson. John Laurinaitis is along for the training session. When the training begins, Melanson introduces Bellator fighter Michael Chandler. He suggests that Chandler is a smaller size fighter and more ideal for Brie to train with and apply holds. Neil demonstrates how to do a forward roll and apply The Lebell Lock on Chandler. He then instructs Brie to attempt it.... Off camera, John Laurinaitis states that it is unfortunate that Brie hasn't had the time to enjoy her last run as a wrestler. Laurinaitis puts over the enormity of WrestleMania. The 100 thousand fans being potentially the largest wrestling crowd ever..... Back to the training and old Johnny Ace joins in with a suggestion. Johnny suggests applying the lock from a camel clutch position. He even applies the hold to Brie to demonstrate his suggestion... Brie continues training and tries to apply The Lebell Lock with a roll through on Chandler. She struggles to execute the hold properly before finally getting it right.

Back at The rented home in Fort Lauderdale, Kathy calls Johnny on the phone and leaves a message for him. Kathy is in the home with JJ's wife Lauren and friends. She tells them that Johnny is with The Bellas training. Kathy is anxious because her rehearsal dinner is for tonight and that family is on the way. Kathy wants to speak with Johnny. So she calls Nikki... Nikki answers her cell phone while they are driving back from the training session. Kathy asks Nikki where Johnny is and she lies and says that they are still training. That Johnny and Brie are in the ring wrestling. Kathy is upset, Tells Nikki that Johnny was supposed to be back at the house. She instructs Nikki to go into the ring and break up their training. So that they can rush home. Everyone in the car starts laughing at Kathy. Nikki reveals that they are actually just 15 minutes away from the home.

Later on, Brie is at the rented home. She is having makeup applied to her by a makeup artist. Brie starts sharing her feelings about her husband's depression with "Eileen". Nikki walks in and her and Brie start chatting about Bryan as well. Nikki wants to know why Bryan isn't coming to the wedding. Brie tells Nikki that it was doctor's orders.... Brie off camera talks about how sad she is that Bryan will not be there with her at WrestleMania. How it is her last match and how much she wanted to share that special moment with him by her side.

Later on, The families have arrived for The Rehearsal dinner. They are all outside. John Laurinaitis's family and Kathy's. No Road Warrior Animal yet. JJ toasts to his mom and Johnny's upcoming marriage. He reveals to both families that his wife Lauren is pregnant. Nikki spends time with her grandmother. Nikki off camera talks abut how much her grandmother means to her... She ends up giving Nikki advice about being strong during her recovery.

Later on that evening. John Laurinaits is seated outside with Kathy, Nikki, Brie and JJ. Johnny tells that them how honored he is to be a part of their family. He starts to break down and cry and tells them, that he loves them. The whole family is moved by Johnny's words and emotions.

Back in the home later, The women are all together. Nikki and Brie start arguing. Nikki makes a comment about Brie and Bryan potentially not having kids because of Bryan's condition. Brie takes issue with Nikki's comment and says that she doesn't understand what he is going through. Nikki takes a dig at Bryan. Saying that he needs to learn how to take care of himself.... They then both start comparing their significant others. Nikki compares John Cena to Bryan. Nikki questions Bryan's honesty.

The wedding day has now arrived and The Bella family is getting prepared. Kathy talks about how happy she is that her and Johnny didn't elope. John Cena arrives to the home. Nikki greets him. She talks about how he lifts up her spirits. How she has been down because of her argument with Brie last night...

Brie is the bedroom texting with Bryan. Nikki comes in and they start arguing again. Round 2 begins from the previous evening. Nikki talks about how she feels that Bryan is selfish. How Brie doesn't do anything for herself anymore. Brie doesn't appreciate how Nikki is questioning Bryan and her. She even suggests that Nikki wants Brie to divorce him. Brie tells Nikki to never talk to her about Bryan again. She tells Nikki that she doesn't criticize her relationship with Cena. How he won't have kids with her or marry her. Brie nearly starts to tear up and says that she will never vent her emotions to Nikki again, because of how she is throwing everything back in her face, rather than comforting her.

After The Bellas Blowup. Nikki is with John Cena. Cena senses that Nikki is in a bad mood. Nikki nearly comes to tears... Kathy arrives in her wedding gown and heads downstairs to meet with Johnny for the wedding photoshoot. Brie and Nikki off camera talk about all the tension between them at the photoshoot. After the family heads back inside. Nikki confronts Brie again. Apologizes and tries to patch things up with her sister. Brie tells Nikki that she has to go through this rough patch with Bryan, so that she can make the rest of her life good. They both come to an understanding of each other's feelings and make up.

The wedding now takes place on a yacht near the home. Johnny and Kathy walk down the aisle and then both read their vows to each other. John and Kathy Laurinaitis are pronounced husband and wife. The family all celebrates and dances on the boat.

Brie and Bryan are now back in Arizona after the wedding. They are meeting with Bryan's Doctor Suniel Jain. The doctor asks Bryan, how he has been since their last session. Bryan says that his headaches have been down and he has been sleeping better. Dr. Jain tells Bryan that he is going to be taking IV's today to activate the antioxidant systems in Bryan's body. Brie and Bryan do it together. Brie jokes with Bryan, says that after she retires. That they can do a bikini photoshoot together. Bryan jokes about having his dad parts showing. That he should do it before he becomes a father and things start sagging.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are now arriving to Tampa General Hospital. Nikki wants to check up on her neck with her doctor. Nikki wants clearance to compete at WrestleMania. Dr. Juan Uribe tells Nikki that things are looking better with her neck. That it is showing normal curvature and that she doesn't have to wear the neck brace in public anymore. Only to protect herself if she is doing any type of activity. Nikki asks about if she can participate at WrestleMania. The Doc says it's ok and jokes as long, as Nikki doesn't do The Rack Attack. Nikki is very happy about the good news, She has just received.

2 Days Later in Tampa. Nikki has Sandra the seamstress over to make a WrestleMania outfit for her.

Brie talks about how much she loves wrestling, The WWE and WrestleMania. How much she is going to miss it but how she is retiring, because she wants to be a mother. The Bellas are now sitting together. They talk about how all the adversity has brought them together and made them stronger.

The show ends with a tease of The Bellas at WrestleMania next week with the rest of the cast of Total Divas. Which returns next week.

Thanks to Leon Milici and Wrestling INC for the recap.

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