November 17, 2016

Total Divas Premiere Recap: Maryse Reveals Heat With The Bellas, WrestleMania 32 Prep, Paige

Here is the synopsis for this show:

Brie's secrets revealed; Lana gets tested after her debut; Trinity suffers a hair emergency; the WWE makes a major announcement about the women's division.

The open of the show has scenes from last season's Total Divas, as well as scenes from Total Bellas. The focus is on Daniel Bryan's retirement, Brie's impending retirement at WrestleMania and Nikki's serious neck injury.

The show opens with this quote on screen.... "We might never get another WrestleMania moment again. We don't know what's going to happen. There is talk of Armageddon".

The "Divas" are shown making their way backstage at AT&T stadium in Dallas. The show, they are at is obviously WrestleMania 32. Paige, Eva Marie, Natalya, Renee Young, Trinity(Naomi) and The Bellas are all shown in slow motion walking backstage. All the divas are shown off camera, talking about the importance of WrestleMania. Paige and others talk about their upcoming 10 woman tag team match. Brie talks about it being her last match.

The show flashes to 1 week earlier...... The Divas are arriving to Dallas airport. They are at baggage claim. While Roman Reigns and The Usos are getting their bags with Trinity. Brie Bella is approached by fans, who ask about Daniel Bryan and wish her sister Nikki well. Brie is shown off camera, stating how excited she is for WrestleMania. How she wishes that Bryan could be with her, but he can't. She respects his wishes and is happy that her sister Nikki is coming down for the show. Trinity, Eva Marie, Lana and Rusev are shown at baggage claim. Eva Marie signs autographs for fans. Trinity is shown off camera and she talks about how bittersweet, it is that Brie is having her retirement match. Sad that she is leaving, but that it opens up a spot for one of the females to emerge on the roster.

Lana is introduced as the newest cast member. She talks about her history in entertainment. How she was in the movie, Pitch Perfect and loves being in The WWE. She mentions managing her fiancée Rusev. Then footage is shown of Rusev and Lana in their swimming pool. With Rusev proposing to Lana and giving her an engagement ring. She leaps for joy and starts screaming "Oh My God" repeatedly. Lana then brags that she is going to be the first women to ever have her debut match at WrestleMania.

Eva Marie, Lana and Trinity are now shown on the road. They all talk about how booked up they are during WrestleMania week. Trinity says that she wishes that she had a day off to get her hair and nails done. Trinity is looking to color her hair..... We now see John Cena driving Nikki around. Nikki off camera talks about how her doctor cleared her to be at WrestleMania, but that she still can't get physically involved. In the car, John senses that Nikki is stressed out and holding something back from him. She says she is fine but John is skeptical.

We now see Triple H and Stephanie meeting with the entire WWE 'Divas' roster. This is the scene that was shown on The WWE Network during The 24/7 special on The women. Stephanie informs the Divas that they will no longer be referred to as "Divas" (except for on this show)... That they will now be known as superstars.... I guess "Total Superstars" on E wouldn't have worked as well as "Total Divas"..... Off screen, Natalya says that she is happy that The WWE is changing with the times. Trinity off camera, says that she is happy that the women are being put on the same level as the men. Stephanie congratulates all the women for reaching this point. The Divas.... I mean...Superstars all applaud Stephanie's words.

The next day, Eva Marie and Lana are at a sushi bar called Kenichi. They are ordering food when Renee Young, Lana and Trinity join them.... Renee off screen talks about her job as a backstage interviewer. How she has her own show on The Network. Clips are shown of Renee interacting with various superstars like New Day and Kevin Owens.... Renee then talks about how she is dating The WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. She calls her relationship with him, Great. Natty joins the women at the table. Along with Maryse. Natty jokes that she toughened up Maryse when she first came into The WWE. Natty asks Lana, How she feels about her first match ever being at WrestleMania. Lana says that she is very nervous. Maryse gives Lana advice. Tells her to "don't fall down and look hot". I think, Lana has the second part down already..... Maryse then is asked about her history in the WWE. She says that she started out in 2006 with Natty and The Twins. They all worked together. When she is pressed about her relationship with The Bella twins. Maryse says that she hasn't talked to them in 3 and a half years.

Maryse says that when her WWE contract was going to expire, along with The Bellas. They all decided to hold out together for more money. The WWE refused to meet Maryse's demands. The Bellas didn't stand with her in the contract negotiations. They decided to accept whatever the WWE offered them. Maryse felt betrayed by this and she hasn't spoken with The Bellas since. She says that her and Brie were very close friends at one time. How they were roommates together.... Renee off screen, says that she is close friends with The Bellas, and how she never knew that Maryse and The Bellas were so close together. Renee says that she doesn't think it's cool that Maryse has revealed this information, without The Bellas around to defend themselves. At the table, Trinity tells Maryse that she had heard rumblings about a falling out between Maryse and The Twins. Maryse tells everyone at the table, that her side of the story is the correct side.... Trinity off screen, says that she is close with The Bellas. She doesn't know what to believe and that it's between them.

The next scene shows Paige and others interacting with fans during WrestleMania week. They visit a local hospital and sign autographs. One young girl tells Paige that she has too much makeup on. Paige says that she knows, that it's a problem for her..... Trinity is talking to Paige and Tamina Snuka. Tells them that she wants highlights done to her hair for WrestleMania. She jokingly tells Paige that she is going to steal her gimmick, and dye the tips of her hair gray. Paige off camera talks about how stressed, the women are about looking good at the biggest show ever.. Paige jokingly tells Trinity that she can just take her hair off. Trinity says that, she can't take her hair off because it is on "lock down".

We are now at a hotel. Brie is leaving. Fans are waiting for her outside seeking autographs. She tells them that she will sign for them when she gets back. Brie gets in a car with her mom Kathy. Brie talks about Daniel Bryan with her. She tells Kathy that Bryan is feeling better. For the first time in several months. Even though, He is not going to be there with her for WrestleMania.... Brie says that Bryan has been working with a grappling coach and that his coach broke down why Bryan has been so sad. How not only did he lose his father and career, but he also lost all of his friends by not being at work anymore. Brie admits that she hadn't thought about that before. She says that work for her with the other women is always loaded with drama.... She then brings up that she heard what happened last night at dinner with Maryse.... Brie off camera says that she found out that an "old co-worker" of hers is talking a lot of trash about her. Brie says that Maryse is just adding to the pile of crap, that is already in her life. She sarcastically thanks Maryse.... Back in the car, Brie says that she doesn't need this middle school stuff right now. How it's been hard for her to actually enjoy her last days with The WWE.

We are now back at the hotel. The Usos arrive with Trinity. They head into Paige's room. Lana is also there. The women are all drinking. Paige jokingly flirts with Jey Uso. Paige has told Trinity that she is good at coloring hair and will do it for her. Lana and The Usos all advise Trinity against allowing Paige to do her hair. Paige attempts to dye Trinity's hair. Applies a little too much bleach and cuts off more than she probably should have. Lana and The Usos are fully aware of what went wrong, As soon as it happens.

The next day in Dallas. Lana and Trinity are outside the hotel. They end up signing autographs for fans. Trinity has a hat on to cover up her botched hair. Trinity off screen, says that last night did not go according to plan. The fans on the outside of the hotel, want to take pictures with "Naomi". She refuses to because of how she looks. Naomi sees The WWE's hair and makeup artists in "Lindy Sue & Leslie". She approaches them and shows them Paige's handiwork. They both freak out when they see Trinity's hair. Trinity asks for new color. They tell Trinity that she literally needs to get new hair altogether. Trinity starts freaking out especially when Leslie and Lindy tell her that they are all booked up and can't help her. Trinity is in panic mode and says that she has to come up with a master plan to fix her hair.

Later on that night. Lana is with her wedding designer in her hotel room. She had her design ring gear for her. Natty arrives to talk to Lana about their WrestleMania match and to look at her ring gear. Natty approves of the gear (as do I). She actually rolls up Lana for a pinfall attempt to test it out.. Lana asks if there is too much "boobage". That the other women like Brie have told her to not be afraid to show some "boobage". Natty jokes that Brie doesn't have any boobage.

Natty warns Lana that if one of her boobs pop out. That she could get suspended for 30 days. She tells Lana that she needs to be more focused on wrestling rather than looking cute. Natty off screen, talks about how this is Lana's first ever match and that everyone is worried about her ruining the match. Natty's coaching actually makes Lana even more nervous than she already is. Natty tells Lana "not to f things up".

Brie, Renee and Paige are all together. They arrive at The Cedars Social restaurant. Maryse arrives as a special guest... Renee Young off camera, says that she ran into Maryse at the Gym earlier. How she invited her to dinner tonight to air out her issues with Brie. A conversation is shown between Renee and Maryse at the Gym. Renee suggests the meeting, and Maryse says that she will be able to forgive. We are now back at the restaurant. Brie off camera, talks about her past friendship with Maryse. She says that they were roommates but barely spent time together. Calls her just a "friend at work". How Maryse and her had a falling out because Maryse thought that Brie "blocked opportunities from her".

Back at the restaurant, Maryse dives right in. Asks Brie if they are going to finally discuss their issues. How she's waited 3 plus years for this. Once again, Brie states her case off camera. How she and her sister were chosen by The WWE for a "business opportunity" instead of Maryse. Whatever that means.... Brie says that "business is business" and that Maryse thinks that The Bellas blocked her contract. Brie says that she had no power and that she couldn't even get a Divas title when she came back to The WWE. Back at the table... Maryse goes off on Brie for not following through on their plan together and how they shut her off for 3 plus years after her fallout with The WWE. Maryse says that she can forgive but she will never forget. Brie says that Maryse changed when she got an opportunity. Brings up how Daniel Bryan always told her that Maryse was mean to her and that he didn't like her. She now says that Maryse meant a lot to her. That she was devastated with how everything went down. The way that Maryse acted during her fallout with The WWE, made Bryan's comments about Maryse seem valid. While Maryse is trying to defend herself. Paige is making faces at the other side of the table. Paige off camera says that she has Brie's back and that she was just sitting there, pretending to eat while preparing to potentially butt in.

Maryse ends up storming off. Talks about how she is going to go spend time with her beautiful husband, The Miz. When Maryse leaves, Renee calls the whole conversation insane. Paige says that Maryse came off like a crazy person. Brie goes into a speech about when you have more success. People have it out for you. Brie says that The WWE fired Maryse and that she couldn't get Maryse her job back. That story changed quickly when Maryse left. Brie says how she is happy that things ended up the way that they did and that certain people like Maryse are out of her life.

1 Day Till WrestleMania.... The WWE performers are all at WrestleMania Axxess. Natty calls over Eva Marie to her booth. Natty hugs her. Eva Marie off screen, talks about how excited she is to be a part of the 10 women tag at the biggest show of the year..... The Bellas have now arrived. Nikki talks about how happy she is to be here. How she loves her fans.... At Lana's booth. The fans are chanting "We want Lana".. Rusev is with her. He says that he has Lana and that the fans have nothing. Fans are then shown interacting with Lana and Rusev. One fan tells Lana that her and Rusev are her ideal couple. Lana hugs her.

Back at the hotel room. The Bellas are together. Brie gets upset with Nikki sitting on her bed with her shoes still on. Both Bellas are stressed out. They both start comparing how awful their situations are. Brie is upset because this isn't how she envisioned her retirement going. Brie talks about The Maryse situation. How Bryan is not with her. Nikki gets upset with Brie's anger and brings up her situation. Says that at least, Brie gets to wrestle at the biggest show ever. While she had to sit home for 3 months, not knowing if her career was over. They both snap at each other. Nikki suggests that if Brie is unhappy. That she should just go home. Brie sends Nikki to her hotel room. Nikki wishes her a happy wrestlemania.

It's now the day of WrestleMania 32 in Texas. The women are shown backstage prepping for the big show. John Laurinaitis greets Nikki backstage. Natty and Brie talk about her impending retirement.

Renee Young is shown at the broadcast area with Booker T and Lita. Doing the pre-show. John Cena greets Nikki backstage. Lana and Rusev have a talk about her debut match. Lana asks him if he is nervous. He says that he never feels that way. Lana is feeling otherwise. Lana says that this day could make or break her career. Lana seeks out Natty for advice. She suggests that Lana seize the moment, because they may not ever get it again. Natalya says that Armageddon is on the way. The pep talk doesn't make Lana feel any better. Even the woman applying makeup to Natalya, tells Lana that she needs to make sure that she doesn't hurt anyone.

Trinity is now shown getting her makeup done. She is happy because she had her hair fixed. She had her personal stylist flown in the night before WrestleMania. Was up till 5 am getting her hair right.

The women are now all going out to the ringside area for a photshoot/interview. Mark Cerrano talks to all of them. Mentions how 3 years ago, The divas match was cut from the show. How at WrestleMania this year, They have 2 "Diva Matches". Mark brings up Brie and her retirement and calls this a class photo.

The women are now all shown 10 minutes prior to their match. All frantically getting ready. Natalya talks about this being the biggest show in the history of The WWE. How much pressure there is for all 10 women to perform well. Clips are then shown of The WrestleMania 10 Woman Match. Highlights shown of Eva Marie and a flying head scissors by her. Lana's kicks and her part in the match, and the ending. Which saw Brie do her signature Daniel Bryan moves and winning the match with The Yes Lock. Nikki's arrival to the ring is also shown. Nikki off camera talks about how bittersweet it was, to share the ring with her sister for the last time.

Brie then talks about her 10 years in the WWE. Clips are shown from many of her moments. She talks about working with her sister and meeting her husband Bryan. How she got to travel the world and says that she can be still be an ambassador for the WWE in the future...Corey Graves is shown at the broadcast table talking to Renee Young. Graves mentions the Bellas reunion but is more impressed with getting to see his favorite Eva Marie. Talks about how she was the highlight.

The women are all backstage after their match now. They are all celebrating. They compliment each other. Some unintentional cameos backstage in the background. Samoa Joe, Sara Del Rey and Peter Rosenberg among others.... Footage is shown of Lita's WrestleMania announcement, where she unveiled the new WWE Women's championship. The women are in the back watching. Nikki is tearing up. Nikki says that she is proud of the fact that no one will ever beat her Divas title reign. That she now has a new goal of becoming the longest reigning WWE Womens Champion ever. Nikki warns everyone that she is coming for that title and that reign. (Gotta get to Raw for that prediction to come true).... The show ends on this note.

This is a video of what's to come this season on the show. Highlights include The draft, Daniel Bryan's return to The WWE as a GM, Paige's mental breakdown and controversial relationship with Alberto Del Rio, Nikki's return to the ring, The relationships of Miz and Maryse, as well as Dean Ambrose and Renee Young.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap

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