November 24, 2016

Total Divas Recap: Lana Gets Heat With Nattie, Bryan's Depression Has Brie Second Guessing

Here is the synopsis for this week's show;

Trinity returns to Orlando to honor the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting; Nikki accuses Brie of sweeping Bryan's depression under the rug; Lana annoys Nattie as she prepares for her championship run.

The show begins the night after WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. The site is Monday Night Raw. The Divas are backstage preparing for the show. Nattie is backstage getting her hair done. Nattie talks about the importance of the night after Mania. How it is the start of a whole new year. Mentions how it's the 8 year anniversary of her WWE debut.... Maryse is now shown outside the arena. She is greeted by fans. Take pictures with them. The fans encourage her to make a comeback. They even get Maryse to do her signature hands pose.

Backstage Maryse is greeted by Naomi and Renee. Renee compliments Maryse on her "knockers"... Asks her what she is doing today. Maryse avoids the question and says that she has to go get a coffee.... Nattie is shown off camera. Sounding a bit agitated and threatened with Maryse's appearance backstage at Raw. Nattie questions what she is doing there, and thinks that it is time for her to go back home now. Nattie goes over to the VP of Talent Relations, Mark Cerrano. Nattie says that locker rooms are for talent only. Tells him that she doesn't care that Maryse is there but..... wants to know if Maryse is there as a talent. Cerrano says that Maryse is allowed backstage by his permission, and that it is her private business. Basically, that she doesn't have to tell anyone, why she is there. Nattie looks non too pleased with Mark's words. Nattie tells Mark to keep her posted, So that she can give Maryse some spray tan. Nattie off camera complains some more. Says that there are 2 spots opening up in the women's division. Nattie says that TV time is like gold and that she feels that she may have a shot of getting ahead, but now that Maryse is back. She feels threatened by it. Nattie confronts Maryse. Demands that she know the big secret. Maryse tells Nattie to just have fun. Nattie gets upset. Says that she is going to hold secrets from Maryse and storms away from her.

We are now in the arena at Raw. The Miz is facing Zack Ryder for The Intercontinental Title. Lana and Trinity are shown backstage watching the match on a monitor. Lana hints to Trinity that "something is about to go down". The Miz is shown on the screen, going after Zack Ryder's father at ringside. Zack's dad shoves Miz down. Maryse then comes out of the crowd. She goes after Zack's dad and slaps him.

The women are shown backstage looking depressed. Trinity voices displeasure with this, while Nattie looks heartbroken.... Maryse is briefly shown off camera, smiling and saying that she's back.... Back to The Miz match. The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Ryder. Pins him to win The IC Title, and then celebrates with his wife Maryse in the ring. Maryse off screen, says how happy she is to be back and be the star of the womens division.

The show then flashes forward to Two Months Later.... We are at Nattie's home and she is with her parents. Taking pictures with her dad, Jim Neidhart. Nattie talks about her dad's career in The WWE, but she also puts over her dad's shot putting skills. Jim has offered to teach Nattie how to do it. Nattie thinks that it will be a good bonding experience with her dad. Nattie receives a phone call from Lana. She blows Lana off and tells her to call back later... Nattie and Jim head to the backyard to shot put. Just as they get started, Lana calls Nattie again. Lana asks about Trinity's whereabouts. She also asks Nattie for advice for her in ring training gear. If she should wear knee pads or not. An agitated Nattie tells her that she doesn't wear knee pads and ends the conversation.

In another part of town. The Bella sisters are meeting up together at a local café. Nikki breaks the news to Brie that they just got the cover of Latina Magazine. That it was another item on their bucket list. Nikki tells Brie that the photo shoot is on Friday. That they need to be in shape for it. Brie says that she is ovulating. Nikki is shocked that Brie and Bryan are still trying to have a kid. After all their recent issues. Specifically, Bryan's battles with depression.

We are now in Los Angeles, California. Nattie, Renee and Trinity are all having lunch together. Nattie tells the girls, that she is nervous about her upcoming title match with Charlotte. Nattie is thinking of the possibility of potentially becoming champion. The conversation then shifts to Lana. Nattie talks about how Lana is always bugging her like a gnat. Just as Nattie completes her rant. In walks Lana. The girls asks her about how things have been going for her on the live events. Lana has been working events to improve upon her in ring career. Lana says that she got in trouble for her entrance. How she did a tilt when she entered the ring. Lana says that she wanted to show off her talents. How she is the most flexible woman on the roster.

Lana got in trouble because the picture of her doing a "tilt" on the apron went viral. How she wore a thong while doing it, and it ended up being a very provocative pose. Lana says that Trinity told her to do it. Trinity gets upset. Says that she didn't tell her to do that, while wearing a thong.... Lana then asks Nattie if she can help train her at The Performance Center. Nattie gets all stone faced and seems very hesitant to help Lana. Lana off screen, says that she wants to get good in the ring and thinks that Nattie is one of the best women in the ring. That she can learn a lot from her. Back at the table, Lana compliments Nattie and says that she wants to learn from the next women's champion.. Natty smiles and says that she is happy to share her knowledge.

We are now at Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles. Eva Marie is shown arriving to the arena. Renee is shown backstage rehearsing an interview segment with Sami Zayn. Mark Cerrano calls Nattie over to talk. Nattie tells Mark that she is stressed out about her match with Charlotte tonight.... Mark apologizes beforehand, but states that he is going to put more stress and pressure on her. Cerrano gives Nattie a motivational speech on how she has to deliver tonight in ring, or that her spot could go to Paige, Becky, Sasha or Lana. Nattie off camera talks about how she needs to get a strong response from the crowd. In order to impress the WWE brass. How she sees the reaction that Maryse and others have been getting and how she is worried that she may not get the same level of heat. How Nattie needs the crowd to get behind her during the match.

Nattie is now getting in the ring for her match with Charlotte on Raw... Paige is backstage watching. She greets Seth Green with a hug. Paige starts cheerleading backstage for Nattie with Seth Green and Summer Rae standing by.

Nattie's match with Charlotte on Raw takes place. The crowd is very quiet during the early part of it. Nattie off screen, talks about how she was questioning where the crowd was during her match. Nattie is shown in the ring, yelling at the fans saying, "Come on, You Guys". The crowd does explode for the finish. When Nattie gets Charlotte in the sharpshooter, and Ric Flair interferes and gets disqualified. The false finish where Charlotte is tapping at the same time when the bell rings for the dq. Nattie says how pleased, she was with the way, her match went.

We are now in Orlando. Trinity is talking about how much Orlando means to her. How it's her home and discusses the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub. Trinity says that Pulse was a place, that she used to hang out with her uncle alot. Trinity is now shown meeting up with her Uncle Buck. She asks him if he has been to the memorial site. He says that he is scared to go, because of the energy surrounding that place. Trinity talks of how shocked, she is of what happened and how people died in terror. Buck mentions that he and Trinity were there at Pulse, just 3 weeks prior. How the tragedy could have very easily befallen them. Trinity tells Buck that she wants to go to the site, and pay her respects. She says that she asked for the week off from The WWE to do this. Trinity talks with her grandmother abut the tragic shooting. They both agree that the families of the victims lives will never be the same.

We are in New York now for The Bellas photoshoot for Latina Magazine. Brie and Nikki discuss how they have to get the ball rolling on their joint venture "BirdieBee" a fashion line. Brie has other priorities distracting her from it. Her "ovulating" is her main focus.

Back to Trinity and Buck. They are on the road headed to the Pulse nightclub site. Trinity gets very emotional when she gets to the memorial site. She's overwhelmed with sadness. After spending some time there. She ends up crying her eyes out when she gets back to the car.

Nattie is now back home in Tampa. Lana pays her a visit. Nattie says that Lana is training nearby at the Performance Center. How she has very little time at home and Lana wants Nattie to help her with training. Lana and Natalya are now at the gym. Lana shows Nattie, the entrances, she has been working on. Lana says that she wants to be a hybrid of all the great entertainers like Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. Lana does two long separate ring entrances, complete with her doing an in ring split. Nattie teases her that she loves the entrance, but now they should get going, because they just spent all their workout time during the entrances.

Back in New York. Brie and Nikki are on the road, heading to a meeting for their BirdieBee brand. They meet with Ted Kingsbury of The Shark Group. They discuss production and manufacturing with the Bellas. Ted informs The Bellas, that there is an event the next day in New York. That celebrates Hispanic women in television. He asks if The Bellas can walk the red carpet at the event. Nikki agrees to do it, without checking with Brie. Who wants to get back to her husband. This leads to an argument between Nikki and Brie on the road, after this meeting. Brie is upset because she is trying to have babies with her husband Bryan. She doesn't like the way Nikki micromanages her. Nikki thinks that Brie is forcing the child issue with Bryan.

Back in Tampa. Lana is at Nattie's house. Nattie's patience with Lana is wearing thin. Nattie's parents show up. "The Anvil" starts talking about his athletic accomplishments. How he competed in Russia. Lana even talks to him in Russian. Jim talks about his shot putting. Says how it helped with his wrestling. Lana says that she wants to try it, if it will help her wrestle. The Anvil heads outside to teach Lana how to shot put. Natty is inside with her mom. Complains to her mom about how intense Lana is. How she talked for 2 straight hours and how she wasn't able to get a work out. Nattie even jokes that her dad is into Lana. She asks her mom if she should get an advil or a vodka to deal with Lana..... Back outside, Lana's shot put lesson goes awry when she accidentally does damage to Natty's car.

When Nattie comes out and sees the damage done to her car. Lana starts apologizing profusely. She even starts crying about what she's done. Nattie is ticked off. She gives Lana a piece of her mind in the house. Tells her that this was supposed to be her day off. Instead, She has been catering to Lana all day, and now has to go get her car fixed. Lana offers to pay for the car. Lana is still crying. Nattie tells Lana, that she doesn't think that Lana really gives a crap, about what she has done.

Back in Orlando. Trinity and Buck meet with their friend "Piggy". Piggy worked at Pulse and was there the night of the tragic shooting. They talk about what transpired that night. Piggy recalls hearing gun shots and running into the bathroom. How they stayed in there for over two and a half hours. Angelica "Piggy" says that many of her friends were killed that night. They all cry together. Trinity is inspired to do a vigil for the community.

Back in New York. The Bellas are out. Their bickering continues. This time, Nikki convinces Brie to talk to Bryan about whether, he is ready to have a child.

We are now at Raw in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Lana is backstage watching Nattie's match with Dana Brooke. Lana gets upset when Dana Brooke uses her finishing move. A cartwheel splash. Lana tells her husband Rusev backstage, how upset she is with her move being stolen. Lana confronts Natalya when she gets backstage. Tells her that she has been practicing that move with Dana in training. How she wants to punch Dana for stealing her move. Nattie suggests that Lana go talk to her. Lana starts crying. Nattie feels bad for her. Lana is very hurt that Dana did that to her. Nattie says that she realizes how hard Lana is working and that being a leader and mentor for her is very important. Even if Lana drives her crazy.

Back in Orlando. Trinity and her Uncle Buck have decided to do a vigil at The Miracle of Love. A non profit organization in the community. Trinity meets up with director there and sets everything up for her speech at the vigil.... Later that night. Trinity pays tribute to the victims of The Pulse shooting. She quotes Harvey Milk. Trinity talks about what Pulse represented to people, and how it allowed people to be themselves and express love. Trinity presents a memorial plaque for those whose lives were lost during the Pulse shooting in June of 2016. All 49 victims names are on the plaque.

We are now in Phoenix. Brie is with her husband Bryan. She brings up her latest feelings on them having a baby. Brie asks Bryan if he is really ready to have kids. After suffering through his depression. Bryan admits that he does have some concerns about having a child. Brie off camera is upset with Bryan for revealing this. She states that she gave up wrestling to have a child with Bryan. Questions whether, she should go back to wrestling now. Bryan's concern is that he has had lifelong depression, and that he doesn't want to have that condition, while raising a child. Bryan says that even though, he has these feelings. That he is ready to try and have a kid and be a father. This comment by Bryan makes Brie happy. Bryan says he is ready and excited to be a dad. Tells Brie that if they have a daughter. He hopes that she doesn't do the things, that her mom did when she was younger. Brie and Bryan both laugh. The show ends on this note.

Next week on Total Divas. Trinity has been cast in a movie and has to learn how to ride a bike. Maryse spends The Miz and her savings to buy a house. Brie goes into Brie mode for one last time.

Rscap by Leon Milici

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