December 20, 2016

Backstage News on WWE Booking Bayley vs. Charlotte

Coming out of Monday’s episode of RAW, WWE kicked off the feud between Bayley and Charlotte.

We noted previously that this feud was expected to start last month, however the company wanted Bayley’s first major match to take place at one of their bigger pay-per-view events instead of a “B” show pay-per-view.

The feeling is that Bayley is more over as a babyface than Sasha Banks and Vince believes Bayley can be the company’s top female babyface, which is why he wanted her at The Rumble against Charlotte.

Regarding Sasha Banks, we have been told that the company never really had any long-term plans for Sasha as the Women’s Champion. Heading into Royal Rumble, its looking like they will have her face Nia Jax, which is why they did the attack angle on this past Monday’s episode of RAW.


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