December 18, 2016

Charlotte Flair Wins the RAW Women’s Title at WWE Roadblock

Tonight at Roadblock: End of the Line, Charlotte Flair became a four-time Raw Women’s Champion after defeating Sasha Banks in a 30 Minute Iron Man match.

Charlotte was able to score the first fall of the 30 minute Iron Man match around the 17 minute mark via Natural Selection from the top rope after Sasha. The confident challenger would continue to play offense but less than two minutes after scoring the first point, Sasha was able to score a fall of her own after reversing a slam from Charlotte.

With less than ten minutes to go and the score tied at 1-1, Charlotte went high risked with a top rope moonsault but Sasha rolled out the way to connect the Bank Statement forcing Charlotte to tap out and giving Sasha a much needed 2-1 lead. Charlotte began to target Sasha’s legs, driving it through the mat from the second rope and tossing it to the ring post. With Sasha’s lower body weakened, Charlotte locked in the Figure Eight causing Sasha to tap out just seconds away from the end.

With the score tied at 2-2, the referee called for the Iron Man match to enter overtime, with the next Superstar able to score a fall be declared the winner.

A battle of submission between Sasha and Charlotte would commence but Charlotte would prevail over a bleeding Sasha with the bridged Figure Eight, earning her the Raw Women’s title for the fourth time.

With no title rematch clause, this also marks the end of the Charlotte and Sasha Banks feud.


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