December 19, 2016

Charlotte Gets Emotional Talking About Sasha Banks on RAW Talk

As seen at WWE Roadblock tonight, Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks to regain the WWE RAW Women's Championship in a 30 minute Iron Man Match that went into overtime.

Charlotte appeared on RAW Talk after the pay-per-view and quickly got emotional when discussing her victory.

"I was just replaying the last four years," Charlotte said as she was fighting back tears. "She [Sasha] was the first women I stepped into the ring with in NXT and it's been a battle those last four years. In those last 30 seconds [of the match] I was going to walk out the woman, because I've told her since day one that I was the best."

When Charlotte was asked later about moving on from her rivalry with Sasha, she started to cry and praised Sasha.

"Sasha just makes me want to be better," Charlotte said. "When I started at NXT I said that I wanted to be just as good as she was. I just followed in her footsteps and kept pushing and pushing. When I got to the main roster, I just said 'I want to be the best.' I don't like being second, and she's that one person I just want to be better than."

Charlotte quickly regained her composure and ripped into her father, Ric, for raising Sasha's hand when Sasha defeated Charlotte for the title earlier this month. Charlotte called Ric a "has-been" and that she doesn't care what he thinks of her victory tonight.

Charlotte also tweeted Sasha after the pay-per-view, writing:


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