December 21, 2016

Natalya Admits That She Attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series (Video)

The following is a recap from Smackdown where, with Carmella instigating, The Queen of Harts admits to taking down Fearless Nikki.

You can watch the video at the bottom:
Natalya says she’s tired of all the rumors and asks Nikki Bella to come to the ring to talk. Nikki Bella obliges and comes down to the ring. As soon as she gets in the ring, Carmella’s music hits, and she comes down the ramp. Carmella says she’s just here to see how Natalya will weasel her way out of this. Nikki says how does she know Carmella isn’t the on that attacked her. Carmella says if she did, she’d be bragging about it. John Cena can’t help her out with all her problems. Carmella tells her to stop daydreaming about the SNL afterparty and realize that Natalya is a liar. Maybe some silicon leaked into her brain. Natalya is greatly upset by that comment. Carmella says that’s enough of the act. Did Natalya not tell her that someone needs to teach Nikki a lesson? Natalya tells her to shut her mouth. Carmella talks about how Natalya cried on her shoulder and said the Bella Twins were in WWE because they couldn’t make it on their own. Natalya says that’s something she said in private. Natalya calls her a “dirty little Staten Island snitch.” Nikki asks if Natalya really attacked her. Natalya says Carmella caused all this and chases her. Natalya grabs her on the stage and sends her into the trees.

Natalya then looks at Nikki and says, “Alright… I did it, you bitch. I have always despised you. I am Natalya Neidhart. I am wrestling royalty. You are not. Nikki, you may have been the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history, and I know you worked so hard, Nikki. You worked ten long years. You worked your butt off, but you and your sister got everything because you’re beautiful. Yeah, yeah, you’re nothing, just like these people here. Yeah! You’ve got the magazine covers, you’ve got to walk red carpets, you’ve got the Total Divas spinoff. That should have been me! And you didn’t get it, Nikki, because you’ve got a great personality. You’ve got no charisma. My cat has more charisma than you. Yeah, bitch. You may be beautiful on the inside, Nikki, and on the outside, but you are a nothing. And that’s why John will never marry you!” Natalya walks off with the crowd buzzing. Nikki is disgusted.


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