December 4, 2016

Nikki Bella vs. Carmella Results, New Feud For Nikki Revealed?

- Following the Nikki Bella vs Carmella match at WWE TLC tonight, which saw Nikki get the win, Carmella got on the mic and cut a promo on Nikki. Carmella claimed she is not the one who attacked Nikki before her match at WWE Survivor Series, and it was actually Natalya that attacked Nikki rendering her incapable of competing at the PPV.

It appears as if WWE might be going with a Nikki vs Natalya feud on Smackdown.

- Below is the recap of Nikki vs. Carmella Match at TLC, thanks to WrestlingAttitude.Com:

No DQ Match
Carmella vs. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella is out for the next match, to a nice pop from the fans in attendance.

Carmella is out shortly after, moonwalking around and sporting a couple of black eyes (though they're heavily made up).

Things go right to the outside and then back into the ring right away where Nikki takes Carmella down with a spear and hits her with a couple of clubbing forearms. Nikki brings Carmella out to the apron and goes to the floor, trying for an Owens-styles powerbomb on the apron it looks like. Carmella fights it off and hits a headscissors to take Nikki to the floor, crashing into the ring steps. Carmella follows up by taking Nikki into the barricade hard. Carmella goes for the knee, attacking right away back in the ring before suplexing Nikki into the ropes for a two count. Carmella continues the assault on Nikki's leg, but can't keep her on the mat. Carmella hits another suplex into the ropes before getting a one count. Carmella picks up Nikki and takes her into the corner, tying her up in a tree of woe. Carmella heads out to the floor going under the ring for a kendo stick.

Carmella heads back into the ring and does the Cena 'U can't see me' taunt before whacking Nikki with the kendo stick across the stomach and knee. Nikki falls out of the tree of woe and fights back with a kick, but Carmella comes right back with a couple of kendo stick shots to the back. Carmella locks in the code of silence, but Nikki gets her hand on the kendo stick and whacks Carmella to force her to break the hold. Carmella heads to the floor with the kendo stick and Nikki heads to the apron where she kicks Carmella back into the barricade. Carmella responds by shoving Nikki into the barricade and Nikki comes right back to shove Carmella into the ring post. Nikki stands on top of the barricade and hits a beautiful disaster kick on Carmella before bringing things back into the ring. Nikki has the kendo stick and she's hitting the back of Carmella's thighs. Carmella is able to clip the leg of Nikki again to stop the assault.

Nikki stands and Carmella grabs her, pulling her down and sending her crashing through the ropes and to the floor. Carmella goes over to the side of the ring and Nikki blasts her with a fire extinguisher. Nikki gets in the ring and continues to spray Carmella with the extinguisher, following her around the ring. Nikki shoulders Carmella and hits the Rack Attack 2.0 for the three count.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Nikki walks up the aisle on her way to the back and Carmella gets on the mic and asks for the music to be cut. She says she hopes Nikki is proud of herself. She thinks she evened the odds for Survivor Series, but it wasn't Carmella. But she knows who did it. It was Nikki's friend from Total Divas, Natalya. Carmella's music hits while Nikki looks confused and walks off toward the back.


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